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Human Design is a complex energetic system that is a combination of several ancient and modern modalities of understanding. This system, created by Ra Ura Hu, gives you a blueprint of each individuals energetic signature. Every person, animal, plant, and item holds a unique energetic signature that is a combination of consistent and inconsistent energy. Everyone picks up energy from the world around them and generates energy from within themselves. With this map you can see where each person is open to being “conditioned” or influenced by the world around them. When someone picks up on energy consistently from another some non-self may be triggered. The human design chart shows us where each person is open to picking up on non-self themes, where there may be some repression of natural gifts, and where there is a desperate need and desire to be good enough. There are many uses for this system and in this book we will be discussing the ways in which human design can be used for marketing purposes. 


When in the marketing world you are in the business of solving problems. It is one thing to be able to see a problem and come up with a solution. The trick is to show your audience why they need the solution, how it makes their life easier, and speaking their language. As a marketer, hearing “it’s like you are in my head” is one of the best things you can hear from an ideal client. This is where human design comes into the picture. When you know, or can guess, part of your clients design you can connect the solution you offer to a specific place of unalignment and then use this guide to speak the language of your clients to help them solve their problem and step more into alignment. You need to speak the language of your customer because what you see as what they really need may not be what they think their problem is. Let’s go through an example. You are a body image coach and you are talking to a potential client named Jenna. Jenna is telling you about her situation and you, as the expert, notice that Jenna is experiencing some negative self talk. You can tell that she is in very good shape but may need some mindset shifts to see her body the way you do.  She keeps saying that she needs to lose weight to finally feel happy, but you, as the expert, don’t think that she really needs to lose much, if any, 

weight. If you tell her “Look Jenna, you are in great shape already and I want to focus more on why you think you are overweight and help you learn to accept your body the way it is.” This, to her, makes it feel like you didn’t listen. She told you that she wants to lose these last 10 lbs so that she can finally feel comfortable wearing her summer shorts. What you need to do is tap into that feeling with her. What does it feel like (in her words) to be able to put on those shorts and feel amazing? That is the promise that you need to make to her about the work you are going to do together. The following information is powerful because it gives you an inside look on what is happening in the deepest and most sacred parts of your clients thoughts. This shows you their fears, traumas, and triggers so that you, a healer, light worker, and business owner can draw in those who you are aligned to work with. These techniques are NOT designed to be used for manipulation purposes, scamming, or anything out of integrity. This is deep energy work. This will give you a glimpse into what your ideal clients are struggling with in their minds so that you can see them and serve them.




How marketing by design works

Marketing by design is a process that you are likely not familiar with, because it is not being taught anywhere else. In Human Design we are shown a system that consists of 9 energy centers and 64 lines. All of these lines and centers  can be expressed in two forms: defined or undefined. When looking at a chart you can tell the difference between the two because a defined area will show up as colored (the exact color doesn’t matter), and an undefined area will be white. In my experience with using Human Design for marketing you don’t need to know all 64 of the lines. When you leverage just the 9 centers you can maximize your message and speak to your audience in the language that drawn in the perfect people for your programs.



A DEFINED Center is an energetic trait that you possess consistently. It is a frequency that your energetic body generates when you are all alone. This is an area where others feel energy from you. When you are aligned and giving yourself permission to fully BE yourself this is an area that you show up in. 

For example, 70% of the population has the sacral center defined. To have a defined sacral means you that you consistently generate creative life force energy. This energy builds and expands when you are using it properly. When you are using it properly you are letting it guide you to the projects and creative endeavors that light you up and get you excited. It is a center of joy and creativity. This means that a desire needs to be in place for work to be aligned. Have you ever tried to force yourself to be creative? It feels forced because it is. Have you ever created from a space of pure inspiration and flow? The project almost flows through you. This is the work of a defined sacral center. When others are around someone with a defined sacral center they feel this creative pressure and feel energized by it. Because energy communicates and speaks when we are close together. This is where you energetically impact others. This is where you can inspire others by allowing yourself to fully BE who you are.


An UNDEFINED center will show up as white on your human design chart. These are the areas that you pick up and receive energy from others. In the process of picking up energy from others you can easily fall into your non-self. Non-self is essentially trying to force yourself to be more than who you are. This pulls your energy away from flowing in the ways it is designed to flow. This makes you tired. This makes you exhausted. And this is the space where you can market to your audience. This area is marketable because if you are solving a problem, especially when it will bring your ideal client BACK into alignment, you need to talk to this part of them.

Like we mentioned earlier, your ideal client doesn't think that she needs to realize that she has nothing to prove, she wants others to see her value. The trick to others seeing her value is her realizing she has nothing to prove. The problem she perceives is not always what she actually needs to hear. Because she has been searching for a specific answer but for the wrong question.


Leveraging YOUR chart

When you look at your human design chart you see your defined and undefined areas (colored and white). You can be out of alignment in all of these areas but it will show up differently. In your defined areas you tend to think you are too much. Where you are open you tend to think you are not enough. 


Where you are defined and aligned you will likely attract people who are undefined and out of alignment.

Where you are undefined and aligned you will likely attract people who are defined and out of alignment.


In your business you get to show up and model the energy of your defined centers. This will trigger the non-self of anyone who has those centers open into thinking you have the answers that they are looking for. You get to hold space and be very open in the centers you have undefined and this will attract people who have these centers defined, but have some energetic tangles that your openness can help fix. 


Alignment attracts unalignment. 

When you are living life in full alignment, you can show up and help others do the same by giving them permission to step into alignment, and by helping them do so. Through these actions we can collectively raise the vibration of the planet and heal the generational patterns of destruction.

The Process

Step one

First thing you get to do is look at what problem you solve. By looking at your program and cross-referencing the information about each of the centers you can tell what problem you solve. This will tell you what centers you are dealing with. 


Step two

Next, figure out who you are talking to. The girl who needs help with this problem, what centers does she have open? What is she searching for? What does she think her problem is? Where is she out of alignment (likely where you are aligned)?

This will show you what non-self talk you need to weave into your copy and sales posts. 


Step three

Check your integrity before you leverage the information from this program. This information shows you the inner talk and deepest pain points of your ideal clients. When I first read about my own non-self I cried HARD because of how much it hurt to be dealing with. This is powerful information and should be used only with the purest intentions of healing and serving others. These are true pain points. These are rooted in deeply conditioned behaviors that are often associated with our deepest fears, insecurities, and traumas. Check in with your heart when you use this information. Check your intentions. Check your integrity. Use this information to see and serve your ideal clients better - NOT to manipulate them or make quick cash.


Each of the 9 centers (and 64 gates) has the potential to vibrate on a high frequency or a low frequency. The low frequency will show up as fear and the high frequency will align with love. Knowing what the fears and patterns of the low freqency expressions of each center can give you exact words that will speak to your ideal clients. 

If they are in a low frequncy of any of their centers they are tapped into the vibration of certain patterns, problems, fears, and stories. When you use the same language she hears in her head in your marketing you create a personalized invitation for her to come heal with you. Trust is built when you can fully see her.


The next step for you, would be to find your human design chart (Https:// and then look at what centers (shapes) you have colored in, or defined, and what centers you have undefined or open (white). From there, you can assume that anywhere you are in alignment you will attract those who are out of alignment. 


If you want an in depth guide on what the low and high frequencies of each of the 9 centers looks like (with lists of exact patterns and pain points) download my Marketing Blueprint!


Got any Human Design Questions? 

DM me on instagram @intuitionlifestyle and I would be happy to answer them!





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