Niche and Human Design Type

Generators have the capacity to niche in their business. They are designed to find what they love and continue to feel satisfaction at that work. This allows them to continuously master and understand their niche at a new level. Maybe it is money mindset, graphic design, manifestation, art, or music. It doesn’t matter what it is, all that matters is that the generator is in love with the work they are doing. When a generator is choosing a niche in business, they should not focus on the people they want to serve, or the problem they want to solve. They need to be fully in love with the activities that they are doing. So if your generator clients are searching for their niche or ideal client, help them zone in on what aspects of like and business are their favorites. Help them create a business where they are fully supported in showing up and only doing their favorite activities. 


Most manifestors will feel really constricted if they have to choose a niche. It won’t feel good for them. Something powerful about manifestors is they have a connection to a vision; a bigger connection to where they want to go. I like to meld together a niche and ideal client. It’s not the manifestors responsibility to choose a niche or ideal client. If a manifestor is trying to figure out their niche or who to serve, it’s going to pull them away from their vision and pull them back into the physical. Manifestors are these bridges between the inner world and outer world, and if they’re trying to make things fit and solve the problems of this outer world, it’s going to pull them away from that divine inner connection. That is the last thing that we want manifestors to do! 

Manifestors need to focus on the destination and where they want to go. That should be their niche. It’s not about who you’re serving or what you’re doing, it’s where you’re going. It’s a shock to the system and makes you reflect. It pushes and challenges you to check yourself. If a manifestor is talking about something next level, something out there that might not make sense, that is going to draw in those people that are ready to go to the next step, the next transformation, and they will follow the manifestor to the next step. For anybody who is still stuck in their comfort zone and not ready to leave, they will be turned off by this energy. Focus on where you want to go. Focus on the destination. Manifestors won’t necessarily be masters of one specific topic. You’re not here to master one topic; you’re here to get really good at something, and then move on to the next, and then get really good at that, and move on. Because of this, manifestors will almost have these mini-niches. For every single offer, they can focus on the immediate destination of where that offer will bring the audience, then they move on. 

Focusing on the destination with marketing and talking about the vision will draw in the right people. Manifestors are designed to use their voice to overshare. When manifestors are oversharing, they are speaking it into existence; they are manifesting. When you inform the universe of what’s going to happen, you are manifesting it. That’s the strategy here -- you don't need to convince anybody, you need to tell them. You need to inform them of  where you are going to go. Informing and focusing on the destination will ultimately be the best “niche” for manifestors.


Projectors are one of the types that do well when having a niche; they thrive with a niche because they are experts. They have a system.  There is some system that these projectors see and understand in a way where other types do not see or understand. Projectors have a zone of genius. When you are thinking about a niche or ideal client, for projectors it is not about who they are serving or the community they are serving. Their niche is their system and their area of expertise, not their audience.

Lacey Phillips talks about manifestation backed by science. Her process is teaching inner work through an almost hypnotic state to help manifest from your subconscious mind. She understands manifestation in that way. She teaches that; she teaches just that. That is her system. She has created a unique system to help people manifest. She has created this portal where she talks about it in different formats and different ways. It is an interesting and unique method for manifesting. It works for a lot of people and does not work for a lot of people; it takes a lot of effort. She has this area of genius in the zone of expertise that she continues to show up and talk about repeatedly. With that zone of genius and manifesting from your subconscious mind she talks about, people come in, learn what they need to learn, use that system, and then go away. She is still there. She is still talking about it and applying the process to her teaching. New people are going to come in, learn from her, take what they need, and go on their way.

That is a niche for a projector. Finding their system so people can come, and people can go. Generalizing as a projector, you are not going to be working with people over and repeatedly for long periods of time. Project clients are going to find a system and a zone of expertise, and that is where you want to keep them. It is said that it is easier to resign a client than to find someone new. That is true. However, for projectors, you are not always going to be able to resign your clients. If they have gone through your system and gotten what they need, you do not need to worry about creating something new. New people will come to you. That person can then become a walking billboard for you. They can tell other people the results that they have gotten from working with you, they can refer people to you. 


A niche with a manifesting generator varies because of being the makeup of the generator energy and manifestor energy. This will vary because manifesting generators have a spectrum. They can have their sacral center defined and it is indirectly connected to the throat center, or they can have the motor center connected to the throat with a split definition with the sacral center a split definition, or they can have the emotional center connected to the throat center and the sacral center is defined to the root center. All of these options will have different energies and different niches. The manifesting side will want to be starting new things again and again, while the generatoring side is attracted to a certain theme of things. The best thing for manifesting generators is to have a broad umbrella niche that helps them play underneath. 

An idea for manifesting generators would be mini-niches for each offer. These niches are going to be not who they want to serve but what they want to do. Getting clear on that vision, play with the options and see what feels good and what is wanted to do. They need the freedom to do, record, and never do that project again. Manifesting generators have all of these different programs that people can dive into and explore, but they do not need to be teaching it again. This is again the broad umbrella; they have all of these little cycles of being excited about something and then not.

Manifesting generators need the freedom to have an audience that grows and evolves with them. They have this sense of ‘What are they up to now?’ sense about them. Andrea Crowder is one of my favorite manifesting generators to watch on Instagram. She was working with a company called Sacred, she started a lingerie company, she just released a new one about spirituals and manifestation, she has also been a fitness coach for years. She is this multiple serial entrepreneur that is always onto something new. She is fun to watch because with her zone of genius, she is creating and moving on but leaving behind greatness. 


A reflector’s niche is a community. They choose a very specific community that they feel intuned and aligned with. They are here to offer their opinions and intuitiveness. One of the most amazing things about reflectors is that they can predict trends and what is going to be in or out. They can predict these patterns. Any industry that is constantly evolving, fashion and coaching are great examples, reflectors are going to do really well. Their intuitiveness is a part of their niche. Having that specific community that they serve gives them the consistency that they need with the all over emotional rollercoaster that they are riding. They are experiencing energy that is different all of the time. Having that community helps to have that consistent energy. 

Reflectors also can ask really amazing questions and pull out the genius in people. When you are working with a reflector, give them the freedom to talk and do whatever it is they desire. The freedom to explore what is going on, predict events, predict different trends, whatever it is. When they have a specific community, they are going to be able to show up and be whoever it is the community needs them to be. If that is an honest judge or trendsetter or coach or guide, they are going to be able to play that role for other people.


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