Podcast Episode 28 - The Energetics of Integrity

We are discussing the energetics of integrity. Integrity is something that is really, really important to me, both from a human design perspective and from a personal perspective. I've always been somebody that really values the approach that I take to get where I want to go. I've also always wanted to make sure that my success does not harm other people. I always want to make sure that the actions that I take are taken from a loving energy, and I'm doing my best to make sure that everyone around me is supported in the best way that I can support them.

In my human design chart, I have gate 18 as both of my North nodes, 18.3 and 18.5. In gate 18, we have the shadow of judgment. It has this hyperactive and repressive shadow of superiority versus inferiority. This is a projected channel, which means that it is not ultimately directed at yourself. It's not ultimately designed to be introspective. It's something that is very focused externally, and it's on collective circuitry, which means that the corrections that this gate is here to make are on a global scale. There are big system shifts that need to happen. We're looking at collective changes that need to be made in order to make the most of a situation. It's in the splenic center, so it deals with resources, safety, intuition, and physical awareness, and then it's connected to the root center, which deals with pressure, evolution, and growth.

We're looking at a theme of how can a collective move to a new level, in a physical way, in a safe way, that benefits everyone. This channel of the 18-58, the channel of judgment, really dives into and looks at how can I get the most out of the present moment? Or how could I use the momentum and the pressure that's available to me right now to make the corrections that are needed and necessary without overdoing it. There's this fine balance of creating just enough change to create the impact that you need, but without changing so much that the integrity of the system falls apart.

When I came into the human design world, one of the first things that I noticed was the lack of availability and content, but specifically, the way that it was being taught just didn't make sense to me. I looked at the International School of Human Design, and I talked to some people who had also looked at the International School of Human Design. What I saw was they didn't have self-study programs, which is something that I was really craving. I wanted access to all the information so that I could go through it in my own way. When I saw that it was being taught in a very traditional classroom style program, it really frustrated me because I see this system as a way to make corrections to everything. We have the system that literally says people learn differently, they integrate differently, they understand things from a different perspective, but the community was only teaching it in one way.

From the get-go, I got in trouble in Facebook groups for making corrections and trying to make information more available than it was. Of course, me being me, I'm blending different topics, and I'm talking about the collective cycles that I'm seeing. Whenever you blend different systems and you take human design information that is not purely human design, there are a group of people who view staying in integrity with the system as continuing to uphold the exact words and the exact phrases that were used to translate the system in the first place. For them, it's to stay in integrity, and what they value is the originality and the original format that this information was integrated in.

I'm supportive of that. If that is what is aligned for them, that's what's aligned for them. Human design says that what works for some people does not work for other people. My energy is quite literally designed to take things in and to transmute them. It's very transformative. I want to completely change things. So, when I learned about human design, the way that my energy, my mind, my soul processes it is by taking it in, looking at how we can rearrange things, looking at using this channel, and how I can perfect things. How can I add what's necessary? How can I add what's missing and take away the things that are unnecessary to the actual process of teaching human design? I then created the Human Design certification program that I currently run, and this was the first time that I ran a program at that price point.

It was the first time that I was teaching all this information, and I really, really loved it. It was so much fun. It was this divine message that was coming through me. It was the translations that made sense to me. It was my perspective, and I attracted this group of people that was really ready for seeing human design from my perspective and seeing the corrections and the changes that I made.

I was really intentional around creating a program that supported everyone's learning styles. If you want to self-study, it's available. If you want to go through all the videos, it's available in written format if you want to read it. It's available in Quizlet format with quizzes that you can test your information. There are calls to do case studies. I learned how people learned, so that I could create what they needed in order to actually learn the information. If I was going to put it out on the internet, then I'm going to teach you how to understand human design. I want to be damn sure that I can actually teach you how to understand human design, and I want to make sure that it's not only the people who learn the way I learn and who have similarities in their chart. I want everyone to be able to learn it.

That's this 18-58 perfectionism energy. We have this shadow of judgment, and if you’re in the shadow and out of integrity, you're looking at inferiority versus superiority. We have the repressive shadow, which is this essence of “I am worse than other people. I'm out of integrity. I'm worse than other people. I'm not good enough. I can't be the one to lead the change.” It's very self-deprecating. Or there can be this energy of overinflation where you are hyperactive with this; “I see the corrections. Other people don't see it the way that I see it. I'm better than them. They're dumb. They're stupid. They're doing it wrong.” There's this superiority energy because there's a comparison.

When I first came across people saying, “You don't know what you're doing. You're brand new to human design.” This feedback that I was getting, in the initial stages of sharing this information, I was in this shadow of judgment. I was judging them for having access to this information, having access to a system, and not doing anything about it. I was feeling judgmental around the fact that they have the information available to them to personalize the education, but no one was willing to actually do the work. They were only repeating things. They were only regurgitating information. To me, that felt out of integrity. It felt so out of integrity if we have the information available to not be taking action on it and to not be doing something about it.

This theme of integrity has been present forever. There's a lot of gate keeping with information in the human design world, and that's something that does not sit well with me. This information has the potential to absolutely change people's lives. It has completely changed my life. I went from being a really frustrated nursing student who was completely overwhelmed, at her wit's end, overworking herself, struggling with co-dependency issues, struggling with people pleasing to retiring my husband from the military and allowing him the freedom to go after the dreams that he wants to go. After we've moved locations. We've bought a new house. We've hired a team. I quit my job. I live an unrecognizable life to where I was two years ago because of what I've implemented with human design.

When I had run the first round of the program, and I was getting this feedback around, “Oh my God, this was 10 times more information than I thought it was going to be,” it took us much longer to go through all the content than I thought. It took us nine months, not six, because I had so much to say, and I wanted to share it all. It took more time to personalize it than I thought it would. Very mani gen of me, like, “Oh, it's not going to be that big of a deal to personalize absolutely every detail of the human design chart,” and it was. It was a lot of effort to personalize absolutely everything, but we got it done. We did it. It took us nine months, and I've continued to add to the program. I've continued to perfect this program. I've continued to experiment with it since then, but the first round is where I think that the coaching industry conditioning got to me.

I can say this because I’m still in my three line phase. I'm here to experiment. None of us are perfect. We are all going to experience conditioning. We are all constantly going through this deconditioning process. I have no shame. I have no guilt around the decisions that I made in that moment, because in that moment, they were the best decisions that I could have made. That's where I needed to learn these lessons. I feel good about everything. That's what I'm trying to say.

But when I made the decision to increase the price of my program, I was in a position where I had run a class of 35 people by myself and completely burnt myself out. Suddenly, I have a wait list of, I think it was close to 1500 people saying that they wanted to join this program and do it with me. There was over a thousand people that were really eager and really asking for and really excited to join the program that I was in. Then I have all the people who've gone through the program, people that I looked up to. People that I set visions of maybe one day I will manifest working with this particular client, and then they show up in my DMs, and they're like, “Oh, I want to take your certification. Here. Let me pay in full for it.” So, dream clients. 

People that I looked up to were telling me the value of this program. “You can't charge what you charge now. You have to double or triple the price.” I went from charging around $6,000 for the first round to $18,000 the second round, because we extended it. I had to hire support. I was anticipating a class of probably a hundred students, and I was like there's no way I can teach a hundred students myself.

I built the infrastructure and built the process of teaching support coaches how to grade, teaching support coaches how to support the students in the way that I was teaching them. I built all of this, and the feedback that I got was either really magnetic or really repelling. Some people absolutely saw the value in it. They saw that it was absolutely a $20,000 program. What I teach in the program is how to decondition yourself, heal your relationship to money, and then I teach you my coaching process and how to apply it to your business.

By the time you go through this program, you have the skills and the knowledge to grow your income, grow your impact. You can be offering readings. You can be using human design in the work that you do. It's very focused on integrating human design into your work and helping people with it, and obviously with that exchange of effort, income is also going to be a factor.

I can see the value in the program, and when everyone around me says, “This is what the value is,” it's easy for me to assume that if I don't feel like that's what the value is, that it's a me thing, because if everyone around me is saying that that's available to me, that's really enticing. That's really exciting. That feels really good. That feels like easy money. That feels like abundance, but I still didn't quite feel good about it.

When I charged those prices, I was not surprised at all when I got up to of feedback that was like, “I was not expecting this. This is too much. What are you doing? I can't afford this, and I wanted to afford it.” I told people I was increasing the price point, but I think they were anticipating maybe around like $10k, $11k, not $18k, because they hadn't seen what was inside the program.

So, I released the program. We had an incredible launch. We still attracted, I think, 35 students to that particular program. It was still an absolutely insane program, but then suddenly there is this guilt of if I just charged $18,000, what do I need to add to this? What else do I need to do to make sure that this is an $18,000 investment? It felt like I had to prove that this wasn't just an $18k investment, but this was a personalized $18k investment.

I can see the value in the program, and I think that this is the pressure of the industry to be successful, but there's this storyline that your prices have to do with your self-value. If you're charging a lot of money, it's because you know that you're worth a lot of money, and there's this concept of worth self-worth and price points being so entwined that even with my defined ego center where I'm supposed to just know self-worth, I was feeling pulled out of alignment with that. So yes, I can see the value of a $20,000 investment and how for business owners and for specific people, that makes sense, but I don't want to just help business owners and those kinds of people.

I want to help a lot of people. I want to have a widespread impact because this information took me from, again, a broke college student with low self-esteem to the person that I am today. I thought back to the tenacious little college student that I was and how I was doing absolutely everything in my power to find access to this information. It was hard. It felt challenging to get this information. Once you hear the information, once you read it, you're like, “Okay, now what do I do with it?” All this felt really difficult to me, and it was challenging to get to a place where I understood the information, where I was integrating the information, and where I was able to share it in a way that genuinely made sense to other people.

It took years to develop my understanding and my perspective of human design. I worked with it for myself for two full years before I brought it online. There's this industry thing where it's like if you have experience, or if you're the best, or if you have high value, all these things are based around price points.

We see people charging ridiculously high amounts of money for coaching and for support. A lot of it is some people, it's out of integrity. I genuinely believe that there are clients at every price point. I also believe that charging high ticket is not the only way that you can create time freedom. I think that that's a misconception in the industry so that if you want to create time freedom, you either have to decrease your availability, so put more boundaries in place, or increase your prices. There are so many other ways to do it.

When this round of SSCC came, this is the fourth time that we have launched the coaching certification live. We have the self-paced version. We have the live classes that run about once or twice a year right now. I rearranged it, and I kept the price point the same for more content and six months of support as opposed to the four month container that I had done previously. In my eyes, I'm not increasing the price point, even though I've about doubled the value of this container. I want it to be really accessible. I want it to be at a price point that didn't feel like I was raising my prices just to raise my prices and making my content less and less accessible for people.

I started getting these stories and these DMs about people in other countries, people who are students in other countries, working in other countries, single mothers in other countries, where the exchange rate to US dollars just doesn't make sense. Even having extended payment plans which can be a couple hundred US dollars a month, is their entire paycheck at that level. I thought about the fact that my first year in business I made $23,000, and here I was charging something that was like just under what I made in an entire year.

It brought me back to my roots where I grew up living in a three bedroom house with eight people. I have seven siblings, and when I was 12, my parents separated and divorced. We went through bankruptcy, foreclosure, moved across the country, and then my teen years were spent in severe poverty. We lived under the poverty line very, very intensely, especially for our family of our size. I went from that as a 17, 18 year old to a 23, 24 year old running a million dollar business, and charging $20,000 to work with me for a year to work in this container for a year.

It felt so big, and it felt so bad. Here I was thinking my storyline for it feeling bad was this essence of ‘you just don't feel worthy of what everyone else sees.

They finally see your value, and now you can't see it.’ It was never an issue about other people seeing it. It was always a self-issue. I started to blame myself for not making the money that I want to be making, or not selling out this program the way that I want to sell it out, because I don't feel worthy of the price point. I don't feel worthy of charging this. I must not see the value. But then I'd going to this loop where I would look at the program and I would say, “This has so much value. This is absolutely life changing. This is incredible. This is amazing. It's priceless to me. It's worth millions to me.” I know that it's life changing, but for me to stay in integrity, the price points just weren't working for me, or at least the way that they were, the way that they were structured.

This last launch of SSCC, the enrollments were trickling in. We had the initial couple of people jump in, the people who have been waiting for a while, and then it was really slow. It was kind of just stagnant. I'm feeling into the energy. I'm like, “Something's off. Something's not right.” We feel it in our energy field. I just start looking at what needs to be rearranged for this to feel that it's working, everything's coming in, everything's doing exactly what it needs to do.

I focused on my energy. I focused on my inner work. I looked at my thoughts. I observed all the information that's available to me, like I do in any situation, in any moment. What really got my attention was that I didn’t have scholarships set up at first for the live round. In the past, I have offered scholarships to make the program more accessible. Once I made it available for this round of SSCC, we had over 150 applications. I was looking at the 150 people that are saying, “I genuinely want to be in this container right here, right now, but money is the issue. I can't because of this,” and I read through all 150 of their stories, hearing people discuss the very real things that they are dealing with and the very real things that they are facing, and I see me. I see me when I was a college student and when I was looking at the big money manifestation programs that I wanted to go through and looking at like, ‘Okay, do I max out my credit card and hopefully make enough money so that I can finish these last couple of payments…” I remember being there so intensely.

You have this industry that says you have to keep your price points where they are, and then when people are ready, they will manifest the money into the experience. It's this “first challenge of alignment.” There's a whole story around how lowering your prices is like lowering your integrity and essentially buying into the excuses of someone else.

To me, that makes me physically cringe. It just didn't feel right to offer the five scholarships that I was planning to offer, and then turn away the remaining 145 people and say, “Nope. I know you want this, and I know that being in this container can absolutely change your life, but you don't have the money right now, so I'm going to say no to you.” That felt like I was disappointing people, and like I was harming people with my actions and keeping something from them that I didn't need to be keeping. I didn't need to be gate keeping this information from them. I could be sharing it. I could be serving them.

So, I sat with it. I go into my little emotional bubble, and I go into my little inner world, and I just feel all the things and I see all the things that come up. The idea that came through was sliding scale payment plan. I thought about how, to me, as a college student, $20,000 was the absolute biggest thing in the entire world. Making even the $8,000 investment for the live round of SSCC would've been like six months of my income. There's no way that I could have made that at that time, even with the payment plans and the extensions that I was creating, and I was offering.

I looked at how even in just a couple of years, my concept of value has changed. A dollar for me now is very different than a dollar to me. A couple of years ago, that version of me could never have imagined paying someone $10,000. Now, I have made many purchases and written checks for $10,000 and more. I've exchanged large, large amounts of money right now, so it's a very different perspective, and it's a very different concept.

When I was thinking about trauma and thinking about how in this world there are so many people that have this investment trauma of making the investment because the sales page is really good, and they're told that if they just stretch themselves, if they just trust their intuition, if they just trust that now is the moment, if they burn the bridges, they can make the leap of faith, then everything will work out for them. What happens is yes, that's possible, but when your body and your mind are on different pages and trauma exists in the physical human, then there's no way that the physical human is going to be able to be aware of the opportunities necessary to get where you want to go. I see these people who make an investment, and they go into the proven programs, or they go with the system that promises them all this transformation and may be a really incredible program, but if people are in an energy of scarcity, they will not be receptive to the content that's in the container.

I genuinely believe that the energy that you are in when you make the decision is the energy that you carry throughout that container. The people who make a decision around an investment from this essence of, “This is the investment that I'm going to make. I feel terrified right now. I feel like I'm going to miss out on this opportunity. I feel like if I don't make it right now, this opportunity is never going to come along again. This person has all the answers. This person is going to make me prove my worth,” you're really in your non-self. We put this story in our heads, and then what happens is you are so afraid when you're showing up in that program that you're going to miss something, you're going to do it wrong, that you're not going to get that thing that you need, that you're not going to be able to make your next payment, that you are completely unreceptivet to any of the value that's actually there.

You go into this program with this push energy, this stretching energy. “If I make this investment, then I'll be able to call in this thing that is scarcity.” You are saying unless this program somehow has some magical secret and unlocks a code for me that just opens the heavens and angels come down and sing and serene me into this new moment of my life, that you are not getting what you need out of the program. You also put so much expectation and so much pressure on turning that information around really quickly.

This is where we see people who go into one program and pretty much every single program that they create is just what they learned. There's no integration at all because there's so much pressure around making your money back. There's so much pressure on making an ROI on your investment that people want it done within the container. If it's a four month container, they’re thinking they have to make my investment back within four months. They have to create this result within four months, or it wasn't worth it, and then if it wasn't worth it, anytime it's not perfect, anytime it's not 100% worth it, they’ll think they made the wrong investment. “It's my fault. I can't trust people. I don't know how to do it right. It works for other people, but it doesn't work for me. I am a bad human being. I am incapable of everything.” There is a spiral because you didn't get the results that you were anticipating when in reality you made the decision from your non-self.

You're going into that program saying, “This is going to give me consistency in an energetic area where I'm always going to be inconsistent, and I'm here to be flexible,” and then you get mad at yourself when you can't be consistent in a way that you are literally designed to surrender. You're saying, “I'm trying to control the thing that I'm here to surrender with,” and then when you don't have control over it and you feel like you don't have control over it continually, you're like, “Oh, I can't get control over this. This program wasn't right,” and it perpetuates the problem of I still don't have what I want because I couldn't control this, which means I have to try harder to control this, and then I'll have the things that I want. It's a spiral. We just spiral in this bad investment, not trusting ourselves, not getting the results that we want. I feel like I'm wasting money, and it just deteriorates your energy, your confidence, your self-image, your identity, everything. So, the energy that you're in when you're making an investment is extremely important.

I created a lot of content around how to make an intuitive decision. I do not do the traditional pain point marketing. I don't really have a strategy or a formula for how I sell and how I create. I pull the essence from the program. I work with the ideas. I look at the transformation that the container is trying to create, and I communicate that. I talk about that very honestly and very open-heartedly, and I'm experimenting all the time. It works sometimes, it doesn't work other times, and usually times it doesn't work are when I decide to create something out of force or because it's a really good idea, but it's not the right timing.

When you're making an investment, the energy you're in really matters. So, I've done a lot around trying to support people in making aligned decisions. We even have an entire podcast episode on how to use your inner authority to make an aligned investment. It always works for me in I decide on a creation. I decide on something that I'm going to create, and then exactly what I need appears.

When I decided that I wanted to increase my income, and that I was ready to make five figure months, within the first month that I had made the decision, I hit $15k and then $20k, and then $40k, and then it just kept growing and amplifying from there. I made this decision, and then I said that as soon as the money started really coming in, I really wanted a one-on-one mentor. I wanted one that I'd healed some issues. I'd tried hiring one in the beginning of my business, and I was definitely in the energy of scarcity. I was putting a lot of pressure on her, and I did not understand the payment structure that was shared. It was actually weekly payments when I thought it was biweekly payments, so I don't know if that was her miscommunicating or me misunderstanding, but something wasn't right. Suddenly, it was twice as much money as I had thought was going to be invested, and it just stretched me out of my capacity. It scared the living daylights out of me. I felt like I was not getting what I needed, and it was not working for me.

I had this trauma of investing with a private mentor, but I knew that it was time. I wanted somebody, but I didn’t want it to be this essence of going to this person thinking that they're going to save me. I wanted to go to them in this essence of this is what I'm going to create, and I just want to bounce things off you. I went in as like, how can I be their ideal client? How can I be the next level client, the client that they've never experienced before? The client that gets faster results, better results. The client that is so open and so coachable and so receptive, but who is taking full responsibility for creating something magical well in this space. That was the essence that I was in when I attracted my first mentor, and she was absolutely incredible for what I needed in that time. She helped me birth the creation of SSCC and bring the idea of the certification into the world.

The reason that I was able to get really good results with her was because of the energy I was in when I made the decision. I was not looking for a hero. I was not looking for something that was going to save me because I didn't feel like a victim of my situation. I knew in the core of my being that because I had already spent years in the online business space trying to make money, making $0 most of the time, and I'd been able to scale to a space where I was consistently making $3,000 months, I knew that I had the tenacity and knew that I had the consistency and desire to make it happen. The desire wasn't going away, so I knew that this desire to make lots of money and to support people in an online business was probably always going to be there. I knew that I was aiming for five figure months, and that was something that I was aiming towards regardless of the results that I got from this person, regardless of what happened in that coaching container. But it felt right; it felt aligned.

It felt really good to have support in that way. I went into that container not needing a coach but wanting one. That was an incredible energy to be in. That's really where all my best investments have come in because I wasn't looking for someone that has this secret, and then all the sudden I would know how to be abundant for the rest of my life. I was just looking for someone to be with me along the journey as I figured it out, as I created the results, as I built the business that I wanted to build.

The reason that I share this is because the energy that people are in when they invest in my programs is really important. For me to stay in integrity, it means that I am able to create results for anyone who is showing up for my programs fully. I don't want just certain types of people to be able to be successful. I want to make it accessible to everyone. I do the strategical things to support people in making the aligned decisions. I've created the supportive content; I create the educational content that I think is necessary for people before they make that investment.

I do a lot of these things to make sure that I can support people in entering into my containers, but also other containers, other investments, in a space of integrity because that's going to build their trust with themselves as they go into the programs. SSCC is a monster of a program. There are over 200 trainings between all the original content, all the gene keys, all the channels, all the profiles, the centers in all of their different formats, all of the details, and we also have a Q&A library of the commonly asked questions. We have the coaching method. There's so much content that is created that if anyone were to go into my program and have that essence of “I have to do absolutely everything in this container in order to get the most out of it,” they would absolutely fail. I don't think there is a single person that has gone through absolutely every piece of the content. Of the 230 students that we have had go through this program, I don't think a single one has finished every single video, and that's because it's not designed for you to go through and watch every single video. It's a library.

This is a resource that you're going to come in, and you're going to take what you need to create that foundational information to share this, to integrate this, to bring it to your people in the right space, but there's no way you're going to memorize everything in human design. I say that because I have been consistently studying and working with and memorizing this system, and I still forget details all the time.

My program is really triggering for anyone who enters into it trying to get that perfect student, perfect energy, perfect program experience, because my program is going to take you a lifetime to go through. It's going to be a resource that you can come back to. Even if you get through all the content, there is so much that there's no way you're going to be able to digest it all, understand it all, form your own opinion on it, and integrate it. It's going to require you to come back over and over again. It's going to require a lifetime of dedication to this work.

In my eyes, if the people that come into my world, if I can support them in creating an environment where they trust themselves to self-lead through the content, if they're going into the self-paced program or in the support container, they trust themselves to attend the calls that are necessary to keep up on the things that are, to trust themselves also in the live container, to go to the things that are necessary and not feel overwhelmed. In order to have that level of self-trust, you have to be able to be in a state of abundance. You cannot be in a state as a state of scarcity. The state of scarcity says, “I have to do absolutely everything in this program in order to get the most out of it, because I might miss something. I might miss the important secret. I might miss the download. I might miss the secret sauce.”

But if you're in a state of abundance, you're actually able to approach the vast content library that is there and trust your intuition. If you're able to be in a state of abundance when you're learning, you're able to respond, you're able to follow your strategy and authority, you're actually able to practice the integration that's necessary. My program is so much more effective if you're able to step into this program from a state of abundance and alignment, because then you are being successful by consuming the content in the way that you want to be consuming it. My program is challenging for a lot of people because there's a lot of content, and it challenges you to really change the way that you approach learning and the way that you approach integration and this information.

The industry has conditioned you to believe that if you're going to make a big investment, you have to get the most out of that investment. That’s the shadow of 58, which attaches to that gate 18. There is the shadow of judgement: I'm not good enough because I haven't done enough. Then 58, we have the shadow of dissatisfaction. You move from that shadow in the first of vitality. To move out of dissatisfaction, this judgment energy, to me that's scarcity, and to move into integrity and vitality, it's looking at how can I get the most out of this for me? How can I get the most life out of this? How can I get the most perfect journey for me right now? It is recognizing that perfection is not a definition; it's a process, and everyone's perfect journey looks different.

That's why it's called Sacred Success because your success is sacred. It is not cookie cutter. It's unique. It's individual. It's special. Taking action on integrity, I realized that it was more important for me to show people how to get into a state of abundance and to fix this problem than it was for me to focus on convincing people that my prices are worth it. I know my prices are worth it. I know that I could charge way more for the things that I create if I wanted to, and I do not want to right now. It has nothing to do with my self-worth and has everything to do with the fact that I want to create this abundance while still being accessible and while doing the work that I feel is needed. The work that I feel is needed is making this information accessible to the people who have the most growth to do, who have the most trauma to decondition, who have the most issues with money to work through, because those are the people who have a lot of lessons to learn in this life. Those are the light workers. Those are the people that are going to be able to take this, transform that pain into something absolutely beautiful, and then will go on to completely change the world because of that experience.

If that's the impact that I want to make, I don't think it's an integrity for me to be charging $20,000 for a certification program. It's just not. It has nothing to do with the worth and has everything to do with how I want to create it and the mission that I have. What we've decided to do with all the people who applied for the scholarships this round, we kind of kept it secret. I didn't want this to be a reason that people applied or a reason that people, were interested in purchasing it in that moment. I wanted to just see what happens if I offer sliding scale payment options and extended payment plans to the people who asked for scholarships. I asked them to stretch themselves a little bit, but I made it much more tangible, much more accessible.

It's not a quantum leap that you have to hold. It's not this giant step of I have to go from making no money to pretending that I'm a millionaire until my body catches up. That puts your body in that trauma response if you're in this essence of I trust myself fully, and I know that this is the correct program for me, and I know that I can stretch myself past my comfort zone and I'm fired up to make this work, but I'm not terrifying the absolute living hell out of myself.

That's a great space to be in, and that's a really healthy place for people to be in. There are far too many people that have been harmed, like genuinely harmed from marketing tactics of pressure of pain points of scarcity, and this lack. It's terrible for your nervous system. I feel that 90% of things focused at women are about fixing yourself, whether it’s your appearance, fixing your physical body, fixing your health, fixing your money, fixing your relationships. It's all about fixing you, which you're not broken in the first place, but it's so easy to get into the spiral of feeling worse and worse and worse the more personal development you do because you're constantly looking for a secret that doesn't actually exist.

If you've been purchasing program after program, especially if it's related towards fixing yourself, I want you to change your state, and I want you to be able to get the absolute most out of the programs that I create. What that meant was creating sliding scale payment options. We offered the program, and we said you can choose your investment for this program. You can choose your investment for this program, and I said you can pay 50% of the estimated value, 75%, or a hundred percent. All of them are offered on 18 month extended payment plans. Instead of saying you have to make all of this money really quickly, and you have to expel all of this, and you have to give me $8,000 right now, I said you can pay around sixish, or you can pay the full value of eight, and you can join this program.

We had a lot of people accept that. There are a lot of the students in the program who are really fired up about being in the program because they see this opportunity, because they see that I'm doing something differently. This is not made from a state of scarcity. I know that I can make as much money as I want to make and as much money as I desire to, and I can do it in a way that feels good. What we have recently done since the sliding scale payment options were so deliciously accepted and so well received from our live round students, we've decided to open it up for the self-paced program as well. With the self-paced program, you get access to the content. You can go through all the courses, all the videos, all the library at your own pace, and you get to self-study. I wanted to create that as an option because this is also a ton of content. If you want to start going through the library and then upgrade at any point, we offer those upgrade options and all the things that we're creating will have the sliding scale options.

You will have the ability to choose the investment that feels like it is stretching you, feels like it is motivating you to show up, feels like it is the aligned energetic exchange for what you're receiving, but it's also something that doesn't pull you into a space of absolute scarcity. I know that going through this program is absolutely life changing, and I want to make that life changing experience available to anyone who is ready to make that transformation regardless of how their trauma is currently affecting their ability to manifest, receive, and spend money because that's the main reason why these people don't have money. It has nothing to do with their actual situation, their decision, them as a human being, it has everything to do with the conditioning that happened before them, the conditioning that happened, the generations before them, and in this society, in our society before us.

I don't think that we should be telling people who have experienced money trauma and who have experienced scarcity all their life, that they have to solve a problem. The answers might be available to them, but maybe it's not available to them in the format that they need. It doesn't make sense to me to tell those people to figure out the biggest problem in their life, stretch themselves way past their comfort zone, make their mind and their body completely fight in order to hold alignment and hold this state of abundance just for them to be able to step into the opportunity to do life changing work.

You cannot heal if you're in a trauma response. You can't heal if you're in that fight or flight energy. You can't heal in there because you're so focused and you're so in your mind, you're not actually in your body. I saw that the people who are attracted to me need to heal. They have things that they are really dedicated to healing, things that they have a big purpose to heal in this lifetime. Chances are they are in a space where it doesn't matter if the money is coming in for them, if they're not able to make it, if they're not able to spend it, if it's a different currency entirely, it doesn't matter the physical manifestations of their reality. There’re people who are coming into my world who need this information, this transformation, and because they've experienced that trauma and because they've experienced that diversity, they're the people that are going to have the best ripple effect.

When we've had to do something ourselves, we have that personal involvement, that personal experience. It makes us better teachers. In order to create the next generation of teachers, the next generation of highly healed and aligned individuals who are going to completely change the world, I was called to offer sliding scale payment plans, so that's what I did. I want to showcase and be this example for you all. There are clients at absolutely every price point, and I believe that everyone needs help, and money means something differently to everybody, but the majority of the population and where there is the most room for improvement and the most room for health are growth is in the 95% of the world that struggles with money scarcity, at least to some.

That's the work that I'm doing currently. I am also shifting my conversation to more specifically talk about deconditioning your money story, but along the way, I wanted to make sure that the big program, the cornerstone of my business, the thing that I'm probably the most well-known for, is in the most integrity possible with who I am, where I'm going, and what I want to create in this world. So, that's my long-winded story. I hope that you learned something, feel different, and can walk away with this knowing that you can trust yourself at a deeper level, even when the entire world around you is telling you something different.

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