Projectors in Business

When we are talking about projectors, we are talking about people who are phenomenal coaches, phenomenal guides; they really see things in a different way. This makes them so full of a deeper level of wisdom. Something that is particularly important about them is that undefined sacral center.

Every projector has their unique energetic skills and tools. They can all be quite different. They may have their root center, ego center, and emotional solar plexus defined, like an energy projector. An energy projector would have more sustainable energy than people who do not have any of those defined, such as a mental projector or self-projected projector. The projectors who have a couple of the motor centers defined will have a little bit more sustainable energy. The people who do not have those defined will have less of that sustainable energy. If anybody has less of that sustainable energy, the first thing that you are going to want to do for these projectors is make sure that they are protecting their energy. Projectors are going to be very quick to judge themselves for not doing as much as other people, for not launching as often, and that can easily lead to burnout. They are going to push, and they are going to try to sustain that high level of energetic output the way that a generator or manifesting generator will be doing. In a world where those are the dominant types, the coaching industry is no different. We are going to see tired and burnt out projectors.

What we want to do with our projectors is we want to prioritize the necessary actions. The 80/20 rule is going to be an important concept to teach projector clients first. This is where 20% of the actions that you take in your business create 80% of the revenue. This is particularly important for them to focus on these money-making activities when they do not quite have the space, the capital, the structure to sustain a team. With your projector clients, have them write out all the things that they are doing in business. For example, that can be responding to emails, creating slide decks, having sessions with clients, whatever it is, have them map it out and then map out how long they are spending on each task. After you map it and maybe track it for a week (would be great for left brain, left mind individuals), look at what areas are bringing in money. What things do you do that generate income, and then how much time are you spending on them? If you recognize that you are spending most of your time on projects and activities that are not bringing in revenue, you want to be able to switch that. You want your projector clients, or you, to be focusing on the profitable activities, especially in this beginning stage. If you are focusing on those or getting them done first, you are prioritizing them. You are going to be able to scale your business to a space where you can hire help. The help, and the team, and all of the people that are going to be supporting you, can then come in and they can take over some of those activities that are taking over part of the money generating activities. Your income is going to be able to expand once you have the support, because energetically, projectors especially do not have the energy output or the energetic resources to be doing all the activities within their business. A team is going to be important for your projectors.


Strategy: Wait for the Invitation

The ideal client for a projector is going to be somebody who sees their expertise, recognizes them, and who is ready to pay them. Projectors are not designed to convince anybody, so they need to wait for an invitation. When they are showing up on the internet, it isn’t about getting in other people's faces because they do not physically have the energy to be convincing everybody that they have the answers and still be able to show up and provide those answers for the people who actually need them. Projectors need to wait for the invitation. In business, what this looks like is talking about your offers and telling them to come check it out. An ideal client for projectors is ready, someone who trusts them, and someone who is going to let them in, ready to be seen, ready to be called out, ready to step into their power. They are ready.

When projectors are waiting for an invitation, they are going to need to ask for it over and over again, before offering a piece of advice to a client in a session. Lauren Eliz Love does this really well. She says, "Can I ask you a question?" "Can I offer an observation?" She always asks for permission, it is really beautiful. Projectors need that recognition. In order to show up in that energy as an expert in that topic, they need to be able to recognize themselves as the expert first. Until they claim that power and recognize themselves and truly step into, “I am an expert in this,” other people will not be able to see it because they are going to be matching that vibration. When you are working with projectors, help them to see their expertise. Help them to see their power. Help them to see that they are an expert.


The Validation Issue 

Each of the types have one key issue that holds them back from being successful. For projectors, that is the validation issue. Projectors need an invitation; they need to be recognized. Sometimes that recognition, because it is an external source, turns into validation. This is where projectors will people please. They will do anything if they feel like they can get an invitation. They will shift. They will put themselves in a box. They will say I can show up like this; I can do this. I can make that happen for you. They will overextend themselves and make promises that are not aligned for them. They will soften what they must change and change it to make them sound different. That will put them out of their power. There is boldness and security that is necessary to recognize your own talents; to claim your role as an expert and to show up unapologetically so you are not people pleasing. You are showing up for yourself. When a projector is truly in alignment, they recognize themselves and see themselves. They are not afraid to say no to people who are not aligned, or say no to people who are trying to take advantage of them. They are firm in their boundaries. They are waiting for their invitation, but they do not need that external validation because they know their power already; they have claimed it on an internal level.



There are a few challenges that our projectors in business are going to experience. One of the challenges is sustainable energy depending on those undefined centers. Another one is searching for validity, trying to prove to other people. This is one that you will want to look at if they have an undefined emotional center or undefined ego center or a combination of both. That is where people pleasing or promising and proving, or “I am going to say this in a way to not hurt your feelings”, is amplified a bit. When you are working with projectors who have that shifty type of energy, you want to bring them back to recognizing themselves. They want to help people so badly that it can often come up as searching for that external validation and offering unsolicited advice. Helping them be more patient, helping them recognize that they can help people and the right people on their way, holding the magnetic energy instead of the desperate energy. Encourage their rest time, and help them find the support they need. But also help them work through any guilt that they might have around needing rest and needing support.


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