Projectors: The Great Guides

Projectors make up around 20% of the population. They will have an undefined sacral center and no motor center connected to their throat center, but will have defined centers in their chart. Projectors and reflectors are considered “non-energy” types because they hold space and provide answers to the types that are moving, expanding, and doing. This is not to say that projectors are incapable of creating or doing! The point is that projectors have a deeper sense of wisdom. Their power lies not in what they can do, the energy they put out, but in how they show up and share what they see. Projectors are here to guide creative energy and help create efficient systems for the action takers and innovators.




Projectors come in many shapes and forms and are the only type that has five possibilities for authorities. A projector aura is deeply penetrating. It has this bird’s eye perspective that allows them to see all the things that are going on. They observe the patterns and see the systems in a way that other types don’t quite have the ability to see. Projectors hold the answers; they hold the keys. However, because their energy is so deep and they see you so fully, they can shock people sometimes. Imagine someone coming up to you and saying they have X-ray vision and can see your underwear. That would make you feel exposed and uncomfortable! Projectors have this vision that doesn’t let them see your underwear, but allows them to see your soul; that is even more exposing and uncomfortable. Because projectors are designed to see these systems and understand creation deeply, they are designed to work only with the people who are ready to do the work at a deeper level. Projectors aren’t here for surface level BS, they are here for the deep, unsexy work that creates soul level transformations in their zone of genius. Projectors are designed for niches. They tend to have a single area of expertise that they understand better than anyone else: a system they have an intuitive connection to, a sixth sense for, and a bird’s eye view of. 

 With an undefined sacral center, projectors are not here to exchange effort for money. The work they do is deep and the transformations they create are intense. The value of the work cannot be conceptualized by time or money. The value of the work they do is priceless, even if the amount of work they do appears to be less than a generator or energy type would be doing. Projectors can easily fall into the pattern of overworking themselves to try and keep up with the generator dominated world. They are not designed to work that hard. They are designed to work deeply when the time is correct, and rest, recover, relax, learn, explore, grow, and play in their off time. To stay experts, they need to keep their intuitive channels open, which means half the “work” they do is learning, understanding, and connecting with the systems they work with.


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