Reflectors in Business

When we talk about reflectors, we are dealing with some of the most intuitive and beautiful goddesses. Your reflector clients are here to predict patterns and prevent disasters. They can be truly unbiased judges. They are here to reflect and serve a 'we' energy; they are here to support the collective. Some of my favorites happen to be The Balanced Blonde and The Skinny Confidential on Instagram. Both are reflectors, and something I love about both is they both talk almost in a 'we' sense, and this action is powerful for your reflectors. They are truly a reflection of the health and wellbeing of their community.


 Strategy: Tune into the lunar influences

A reflector’s strategy is to wait and observe the lunar influences they are under. Because the energy of a reflector is inconsistent, tracking their lunar cycles is going to be very important to help them show up accordingly. Knowing that they may not have a lot of energy during a certain time of the month will help them not plan big events around that time. Knowing that they may be more energetic and social around other times will help them plan around that energy.

Something else that is important for reflectors is to step away from their business, especially if their business has a different design than they do. They may want to access that energy and essentially borrow that energy from their business, but you want to make sure that they are also emptying out their energy, spending time alone, and cleansing their energetic channels to get away from all the energy they have picked up.


The Overwhelm Issue 

Reflectors are going to be overwhelmed with many things. Overwhelmed with the energy they have picked up, with the patterns, with different people, with all of the emotions. It is going to be helpful for them to limit what they consume. Encourage them to find ways to get away from certain situations that can be overwhelming and stressful. Oftentimes you will see a reflector become codependent on someone else for a sense of security. Many times that can be a significant other, a child, a business partner, a business. Reflectors need a sense of security in their own stillness. They typically do well in programs that are group oriented or mentorships, anything that encourages them to be intuitive and focus on the community. 

Reflectors are here to see and be seen. They are here to be wise. They are not here to absorb and fix everybody’s problems. This is something that you can remind them of when they are getting a bit overwhelmed. It is not their responsibility to fix everybody. Reflectors are a mirror, not a sponge.



Some challenges that reflectors may have are being patient, being overwhelmed, inconsistency in their energy and direction, and lunar influences. When it comes to being patient, I would encourage them to have a stead of activities they enjoy doing that they can use as distractions. It is important to have things to do while they wait for that consistency in the inconsistency. If they are feeling overwhelmed, it might be beneficial to make a list of things that make them feel grounded. With their inconsistent energy, instead of having them getting overwhelmed by that, have them look at the range of energetic experiences they get to have because of this openness. Help them put up boundaries around what they are going to let in and what they are not going to let in. The lunar influences a reflector experiences can be a rollercoaster. Instead of getting angry or frustrated with the ups and downs, figure out how they can look at it as a good thing. Being so connected with the moon, an example would be creating a moon circle where they are talking about all the things they are feeling with a weekly lunar update can bring good out of the lunar influences.


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