Splenic Authority


The spleen is the oldest awareness center in the bodygraph. This governs the awareness of the body. We as humans became aware of our physical surroundings, our safety, and what is healthy far before we developed a sense of mental or spiritual awareness. This splenic center is a deeply intuitive and ancient method of authority. It guides a select group of projectors and manifestors through their decision making process with a deep sense of inner knowing. When the emotional center is undefined, you are a magnifying glass for the emotions of others, but on your own you can be emotionally still. When the sacral center is undefined, you have a sense of rest and peace without a consistent need to take action. This allows you to tune into something deeper and quieter for guidance. 



The spleen deals with fear and intuition, which means that your fears can easily interfere with your intuition. Fear is a physical response, it is not an emotion. The spleen deals with physical awareness and your immune system. The immune system is built upon overly cautious cells. If your cells see something out of the ordinary, it goes on high alert. This is a fear based response at a cellular level. Your cells see something different and assume the worst. They prepare for that to be one of thousands of invaders that pose a threat to your health. When out of alignment, the splenic center can be overly cautious and allow this fear to disrupt the decision making process. Imagine making every decision from that space of fear. Seeing one thing that is unfamiliar and labeling it, taking pictures, and adding it to your memory bank so that you can make sure you are safe in the future. When this occurs at a cellular level, your immune cells begin to attack your own cells and tissues. These are what we call autoimmune diseases where your immune system attacks your own cells. While it is important at a certain level, to maintain your health and wellbeing, it is not beneficial all the time. When you start making decisions from a safety perspective, you may be allowing fear to reject things that are actually correct for you.


Making Splenic Decisions

The splenic center deals with physical awareness. This sense of awareness communicates through the stream of “Is this healthy for me?” When you ask this question the spleen can speak. The splenic voice is quiet and deep, and sometimes only speaks once. When we get into the more rare authority types, it is important that these individuals get away from other people when making their decisions. If you have a splenic authority but are under the influence of someone else's emotional center, it can overwhelm you and you may not be able to hear your spleen talk. When looking inward, silence all that is going on outward so that you can fully be present with your inner voice. If you are not 100% sure, the answer is no. This is most often described as “a sense of just knowing”. This is what we often think of as intuition, a sense of deep inner knowing. 


Small Decisions

For small decisions allow your sense of inner knowing to guide you. What do you just know is correct for you? You are designed to make momentary decisions that are quick and intuitive. If you are having a difficult time connecting with this inner sense of truth, excuse yourself from the situation to go inward. This doesn't need to be a deep meditation, it can simply be closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and asking “What is healthy for me?” and let whatever guidance that comes up guide your decision. The splenic voice can be soft, so pay attention to what it sounds like, how it speaks, and where in your body it is coming from. When first getting to know this guidance system, start with the small decisions. Start with things that have no consequences so you can analyze, play with, and get to know this inner voice. When making small decisions in large groups of people, if you are unable to connect with this inner sense of knowing, give yourself some privacy. Excuse yourself to a separate room to get away from the loud energy and go inward.


Big Decisions 

Big decisions are meant to be made in the moment, as soon as the decision is presented. Of course, if you are around a lot of people or unable to hear this sense of intuition give yourself more time. That first reaction and inner sense of knowing is supposed to be what guides you. If you are cloudy or unclear, you can use the prompting questions of “What is healthy for me?” and “What do I just know is correct for me?”. If you are dealing with a lot of fear and hesitation, give yourself the space to work through that before making that decision. Be aware of your fears, and get familiar with the fears associated with the gates that are defined in your splenic center. Don’t allow your fears to drive your decision making process. Ask if you are making a decision because you are afraid you won’t be safe, or if it truly feels like it is what your soul needs. Something else worth discussing is the shame or guilt around what your soul is asking you to do. If you know something is correct for you, don’t second guess it, don’t overthink it, and don’t judge yourself. You are not reckless, selfish, unrealistic, afraid of hard work, or whatever else may be running through your mind. You are the type of person who follows their intuition, even when it doesn’t logically make sense. Connect to that sense of security in yourself, in your intuitive guidance, and in your ability to surrender to the universe. That is where the true sense of safety lies, not in the logic surrounding the decision you have made. You don’t have to justify your decisions to others if you just know it is correct for you. 


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