Undefined Ajna Center

The undefined ajna center is unlimited in its perspective. You can quite literally hold multiple perspectives at the same time, play devil's advocate, and guide perspectives in a unique way. This center deals with perspectives, beliefs, and opinions. Having this open means that you are open to seeing things from many different perspectives, and you have the ability to help others see things differently as well. You can open the minds of others and help them see abundance instead of scarcity. You have an untethered way of mentally perceiving the world around you. When this center is undefined, you can also be extremely sympathetic and see things through the eyes of others. This can sometimes feel like you are reading the minds of the people around you. You can almost see and hear their thoughts before they say them. You can see through their eyes into how they perceive themselves, their situation, and the world. This makes you an extremely safe space for people to talk to and let out all their mental press

When you are untethered in this way, you are never truly certain. To be certain is to hold a single perspective and know a single truth. You, however, are not designed to be tethered to a single truth. In order to float through life seeing things in their true and unlimited potential, you might find yourself being uncertain at times. It is not wrong to feel uncertain, it is only out of alignment to search for certainty. This uncertainty can be uncomfortable at times. You see how certain other people are in their beliefs and while you are in their presence you may pick up on that certainty. When you leave, you may start to question your conviction. Avoid second-guessing yourself. Just because you were certain in the moment doesn’t mean that you need to still be certain of that same thing. When you make decisions, trust that you made them for a reason instead of second guessing and doubting that you were in the right headspace when you made the decision. It doesn’t matter if the choice you made was correct, it is the one you made. So it won't do you any good to second guess it and waste any energy. This is where you are now. Address this and move forward instead of resenting and reliving the past.


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