Undefined Head Center

When a center is undefined or open, it takes in that type of energy from around it. With an undefined or open head center, inspiration, ideas, mental pressure, and questions come from outside of the individual. These are people who are not designed to have original ideas, but instead to be inspired by the people around them and create what is missing. For example, I have seen hundreds of manifestation programs and dozens of human design courses but nobody was teaching the combination of the two. So I taught a course on manifesting with human design. The undefined head center is able to find answers for others, help see what inspires others, observe inspiration, and see ideas floating around them like snowflakes. Sometimes this can get overwhelming. You can be fine, not anxious or worried at all, until you are around other people. You may feel that when you are around other people you feel nervous, pressured, and may even experience a headache.

You are designed to be open minded. You are here to experience the true variety of ways that inspiration can happen. You are here to allow the correct answers to be made obvious and can ask the perfect questions. You are a channel for ideas, and are the perfect brainstorming partner! You reflect and amplify the dreams, ideas, and goals of the people around you.


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