Undefined Sacral Center

Only around 35% of the population has an undefined sacral center. When you are in the minority like this, you are very likely to have a lot of conditioning in this area. For anyone with this center undefined, they look around at other people and see the joy, the pleasure, the sustainable energy, and feel bad for not having it. These individuals are not here to hustle and take action nearly as much as generators and manifesting generators. These individuals are designed to offer things other than work like inspiration and direction, guidance and observation, and deep collective level quality control checks. When your sacral center is undefined, it is important that you do not associate your value with the amount of work you do. If at all possible, get away from a job that makes you work by the hour. The work that you do is potent and powerful in its own unique way. Physically, it probably takes you a little more effort to accomplish things, which means that you need to be charging for the value exchange and not the time spent doing whatever it is that you are doing.


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