Undefined Throat Center

The undefined throat is one of the most rare centers to have undefined. With so many channels going to the throat, the majority of the population has this defined. That means that when this center is undefined it is a huge center of conditioning. The throat center deals with communication, attention, and manifestation. When this is undefined, the individual has the ability to speak in different voices, manifest in unlimited ways, and they can shift their communication style to mirror the needs of who they are with. This center can be a portal for channeling and allowing source, spirit, angels, ancestors, and the highest self of others to come through and speak. It can also be a fun source of comic relief because you never know what is going to come out of your mouth! 

The undefined throat center is a beautiful teacher both for the individual and for the people around you. When you have an undefined throat, you can become extremely wise about communication, words, language, attention, and manifestation. The fact that this book is written as a stream of conscious thought and has very little formal or proper structure probably irritates your soul a little bit! You observe communication, you can see the energy behind the words, and you have the potential to be extremely wise about language. You also have the ability to guide others to finding their own unique voice, expressing themselves, finding their message, and nailing their manifestation process. When it comes to manifesting yourself, you may have some fear and conditioning around your ability to manifest since it is an inconsistent process for you. I would like you to reframe this. It is not inconsistent, it is limitless. You are not tied down to experiencing the manifestation process the same way every time. You get to manifest in dozens of different ways. Every manifestation occurs in its own unique way. Every time it is a new and beautiful experience. That means that there is absolutely no possible way to mess it up because no matter what you do, you can manifest. Your ability to create and call in what you desire is an ever shifting process that you are here to surrender to and experience.


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