Using Your Human Design to Create Aligned Social Media Content

When creating social media content, or any type of content, you are giving energy. This post will give you some tips for getting into alignment with the defined centers in your human design chart. This can help you be a little more intentional about how you share your energy with others through social media. 


Head center

If you have a defined head center, ask inspiring questions on social media. Share journaling prompts. Share ideas where you get people connecting to their inspiration. Share your process on how you get inspired. Tell people what it looks like for you: writing things down, going on a walk, going to the beach, et cetera. If you are sharing these different ideas, you can inspire people who are searching for those answers and inspiration. They love that; they need that. It gets them out of that searching energy and they can respond to that invitation and initiate something new based on the post. What you share is going to inspire somebody so make sure what you are sharing is the inspiration image you want to be giving other people. Sometimes sharing ideas that are not right for you but will be right for another person will help them find the inspiration they need to get started.


Ajna center

When you are talking on social media, share your perspectives, your opinions, your ideas, and your stories. How you view the world is unique. Your mental frameworks and the way you understand how the world works is incredibly unique. Share your unique perspective. Talk about what you believe, what you think, what you just realized, what you are curious about, and what you are currently contemplating. Let your audience see how your mind works and listen to you think out loud. Let them be blown away by what goes on inside your mind.


Throat center

When it comes to social media, you easily express yourself. The most powerful advice is to give yourself permission to be seen, to be heard, to be understood. Express yourself and share your stories. Follow your circuitry so you can recognize how you are designed to express yourself and how you are designed to share your voice. It will be more challenging to try to force a channel that is not connected rather than following one that is connected. Talk about the confidence it takes to express yourself. Talk about when you give yourself permission to be heard and how you feel. Talk about messaging and finding your voice. Talk about your manifestation process. These will all be good talking points to be leveraging this center.


G center

When it comes to social media, sharing your truth and being yourself is the most important piece. Any content you create will thrive if it is something that you create from a space of alignment and authenticity. Talk about who you are. Share your identity work, self care routines, and talk about where you are going in life. You have a constant sense of magnetism when you are aligned with your authenticity. This center deals less with saying something specific and more with being your true and authentic self.


Ego center

On social media, you can talk about the things that you want. You can talk about value. You can talk about what it feels like to be worthy. Talk about how it is safe to go after what you want, and to receive the things they want because the desires that they have are part of the system that is going to guide them to where they need to be. Show people that they are worthy because they are even if they do not feel like it. Ask your audience what worthiness feels like for them to get a really good conversation started. Then, encourage growth and self-improvement, but also remind your clients they do not need to force things to be powerful.


Emotional center

When it comes to social media, you can bring people on an emotional journey. You can share your ups and downs of riding an emotional wave. You can share the different influences you are having and share the moment of clarity and what it looks like for you. You can share your process for moving emotional energy. Do you dance it out? Do you scream it out? Do you sing it out? Do you write it down and burn it? These are great examples that people want to see and hear about how you are riding your emotional waves. When you share those different processes and different views, you are teaching people how to use them. Looking at the different waves that you have can help other people connect their emotions to different things. This is where you use motivation and use your emotions to motivate you. As a motor center, the emotional center is an emotional reason to do something. You can help people connect to a sense of why.


Sacral Center

On social media, share your excitement about things. Truly, this is one of the most powerful things that you can do. Sharing your process for creativity and your excitement is a big selling point for you. When you are in alignment as a generator or manifesting generator, the sacral center has a big impact on your energy. When you are really in alignment with this center, it is an impactful energy on your audience. The energy that your audience feels is warm and inviting. Because of this, if you are excited about a course or offer or anything, your audience is going to be excited as well. If you are obsessed with it, they are obsessed with it. When you are sharing, it does not need to be surface level excitement. Share about your creative process and the things that are bringing you joy. What your audience wants is for you to be sharing something from the energy of being passionate.


Splenic Center

On social media, things that you can talk about are your process for dealing with fear. You can answer the questions of how you deal with fear as somebody who consistently has fears but who does not amplify the fears of other people and are there certain fears that continue to show up for you. Also, answering how you process and move through that and if you have a specific process are some of the questions that will come up and that are important and powerful to share having the splenic center defined. Share your process when you are afraid of something and have fear pop through. Allow people to watch you move through that fear.


Root center

When it comes to social media, especially when it comes to launching, the root center plays a big role in sales. When you have the root center defined, recognize that you create this pressure and this sense of urgency for people to make decisions, for people to purchase things, for people to get things done, and for people to accomplish things. You want to create the urgency, but be intentional about it. You want people to come to align decisions, however, you do not want to rush them into decisions that are not correct for them. You will want to ask yourself if you are pushing them to reach the next level before they are ready to. Make sure that you are challenging them to make decisions that are aligned for them but also making sure they are ready.


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