Marketing with Human Design

Mar 04, 2020

Human Design is a complex energetic system that is a combination of several ancient and modern modalities of understanding. This system, created by Ra Ura Hu, gives you a blueprint of each individuals energetic signature. Every person, animal, plant, and item holds a unique energetic signature that is a combination of consistent and inconsistent energy. Everyone picks up energy from the world around them and generates energy from within themselves. With this map you can see where each person...

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Passive vs Active Manifesting

Jul 31, 2019

The bottom right arrow on your human design chart determines your manifestation type (of course using your energetic gifts, strategy, and authority aid in the process).

If this arrow points to the left you are a specific or active manifestor!

If this arrow points to the right you are a non-specific or passive manifestor!

Now, we all have the ability to manifest through both methods, however one is more natural and easier for us according to our design. One of these methods is more exciting and...

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