EP24: Embodying Prosperity with Kristina LiCare

This is the moment we have all been patiently anticipating, Enrollment is now open for Sacred Success LIVE!! 


If you want to jump straight into the details go ahead and click here: 



And for anyone who is patient enough to read the entire email first, I have a few things to inform you of!

Sacred Success LIVE is a six-month support container for the Sacred Success Coaching Certification. While going through the certification content to either bring into your own coaching or to focus on your personal embodiment. We will offer coaching, chart reading practice, additional masterclasses, and community support in addition to the 250+ video library on human design and gene keys!


This is for: 

  • Anyone who wants to learn and deeply learn human design and gene keys in business.
  • Anyone who is desiring to embody their full potential and express their gifts boldly.
  • Anyone who hears, or desires to hear, their intuition and wants to learn how to interpret that inner conversation so they can take action with confidence.
  • Anyone desiring to create a business that nurtures their zone of genius by encouraging them to be their own niche.
  • New coaches or established coaches who are ready to create profound and long lasting client results the easy and authentic way.
  • Anyone who needs clarity around what you are good at, what you desire, and what is blocking you from getting there.

The doors officially CLOSE on 9/8.

This is the fourth time we have run a LIVE support container and every time we have been able to make improvements to perfect the learning experience.


This program has been the biggest project I have ever worked on and has an impact that blows me away every time I think about it! You won’t just learn human design here - you will heal, you will grow, and you will radically shift your life from a state of alignment



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