EP26: Energetic Maintenance and Living By Design

Human Design is an awareness tool.


It is designed to change the way that you think about the world around you, and inside of you.   Join us inside Sacred Success Live today! Click here for all the details!      Once you see things through this lens it becomes a part of your thinking, decision making, and behavior patterns.


This is not a game that has a final destination called “total alignment”, it is a framework of understanding that will impact your perspective for as long as you want.


Working with your design is a life-long journey.


When you decide to go down the rabbit hole and really learn human design you are not signing up to memorize fun facts, you are changing the way you think.


Learning this information is a paradigm shift, it brings you into a reality where you see things differently than 99% of the people you are going to interact with.


Everyone lives in their own dimension.


It is your own rules that determine your reality.


If you desire to view things through the lens of human design that is an option that is available to you.


When you begin your human design experiment you are setting out on a journey to find your own truth.


You are encouraged to test it out and come to your own conclusions.


It promotes independent thinking, self-confidence, empowered action and so much more!


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