EP39: Generator (and Manifesting Generator) Plateau

In this episode of The Energetics of Everything, Eden talks about the generator and manifesting generator plateau. Learn more about the energetics of the sacral plateau as she brings you through the sacral energy excitement that generators and manifesting generators are here to follow, and how to tune into that so that you can avoid plateaus! This is a sacrally led episode that Eden pours straight fire into!


If you are interested in an experiment exclusively for generators and manifesting generators to decondition and follow that big sacral energy that you are here to follow, Big Sacral Energy is the course for you! Learn more here: Big Sacral Energy


If you are interested in learning more about how to design with your sacral and with your soul involved, you can find more information about this 2+ hour masterclass replay: Soul SignedStop settling for mediocrity and start creating things you are proud to Sign with Your Soul


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