EP40: The Energetics of Procrastination

In this episode of The Energetics of Everything, Eden talks about the energetics of procrastination and how it is NOT actually related to laziness! Learn more about the motor centers in human design (root center, sacral center, ego center, and emotional center), how procrastination can be due to too much motivation or a task not being for you, and how to move through the motor centers to feel less stressed with feeling procrastination!


If you want more specifics on your design and want daily experiments while learning to follow your big sacral energy you are here to follow, check out Big Sacral Energy! We will start on January 21, 2023! Learn more here: Big Sacral Energy

If you are interested in learning how to use human design to communicate your offers clearly, Codewriting is for you! This will be a live training on January 21, 2023 (replay available after). Learn more here: Codewriting


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