Manifesting Generators in Business

With manifesting generators, there is a beautiful combination of manifesting energy and generating energy. What you will see with manifesting generators is people who are here to build things, and also people who want to have multiple projects at once. Being able to play with all of these different options makes business feel more playful. With manifesting generators, one thing that will want to be avoided is having a strict schedule for them. 

Wealth for manifesting generators is going to come through their ability to master things quickly. They get really good at something fast and most of the time they’re good at teaching it, and then moving onto something new. A great example is me! I have been studying Human Design for a little over two years now. There are people who have been studying it for as long as I have, or even longer, and they don’t quite have the understanding at the level that I do. I picked it up and understood it really quickly. Sometimes because manifesting generators master things so quickly, it can make them feel like a fraud. “How can I be an expert when I have only been doing it for this amount of time? I can’t possibly teach other people when I do not have the expertise they do.” That can be an issue when working with manifesting generators. Another issue can be, manifesting generators need room to play. They need room to do whatever they want to do on whatever day, month, year. They need that freedom and room to choose what they are feeling like doing.


Strategy: Respond and inform

When using their strategy, manifesting generators are going to want to wait to respond. They are idea magnets. This is where I use the rule of three of being introduced and seeing something three times before I take it seriously. After they respond to the signs, they inform. With their manifesting generators, they are generators first. They are going to respond to the signs and urges, but make sure that they are also waiting enough because they can be impatient. This can lead to frustration because they might start projects that are not aligned with them. It is helpful for them to always be informing of the decision they are in the process of making. As soon as a manifesting generator has made their decision, they jump into it. They jump into action really quickly after their decision has been made. Support it. It would be helpful to not put deadlines or timelines on themselves too often because that constricts their ability to move quicker.


The Imposter Issue 

This is where your manifesting generators master things quickly and then will go into this imposter syndrome. They will focus on not being in the field long enough or not being an expert because they are so new to learning themselves. They will claim to not be an expert and not be able to lead it because of that. Manifesting generators are not here to master just one thing. Unlike projectors or even generators, they are not going to be that go to person all the time for that one thing. They are going to want to master a lot of different things. Helping them realize that they might not be the best of the best at this, and that they are still great at it and better than a lot of other people. When talking about what makes an expert in a field, it is often said time and experience. For a manifesting generator, they can accomplish much more than others in a short period of time if they are interested in it. They have the sustainable energy to be able to create and use that energy to do it over again. Once they are done with a task, the act of teaching is often the sign of a completion cycle. 



Patience is a big challenge for manifesting generators. They want to move fast and it can be difficult sometimes. They always want to move slightly faster than things are actually moving. Sometimes manifesting generators can be stubborn when it comes time for them to let go of things that are not serving them. A great example for me is nursing. The signs were there to let it go a year ago, if not two years ago. I held on, even when it was actually brought to my attention. There will be a lot of stubbornness when it is time to let go especially when it is something they have identified with. Asking for help and being stubborn will make manifesting generators find the limits where they have spread themselves too thin, and then might feel guilty asking for help.

When a manifesting generator is in a creative flow, any interruption can be extremely frustrating. It can pull them out of their creative space and flow energy, and it can be jarring. Manifesting generators work in their creative cycles and if they are in one, that is all they are going to want to do.


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