Podcast Episode 46 - The Energetics of Motivation

I want to talk about the energetics of motivation. I've been having some really beautiful conversations around getting started with an entrepreneurial journey, and it's had me reminiscing on my own journey. Welcome to the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. I'm going to tell you a little bit of a story, and then we're going to talk about the energetics of motivation and some tips and tricks for getting things started and initiating change. 

As a manifesting generator with gate 34, my jam is turning manic energy into a life-changing transition. I like to turn chaos into radical transformations and blow people's minds, and it's a very enigmatic process that looks very messy until everything comes together all at the end. This is my specialty. So, let me tell you about some of the chaos that I have created in my life that from the outside looked really random and looked really cringe, but from the inside was just a part of my journey and my learning process that's allowed me to get to where I am today. 

I was thinking about it, and I have been an entrepreneur for over eight years. That's absolutely insane to me. I was invited to my first network marketing event when I was still 17. I was in high school, and I found myself in a room with people who are making six figures, multiple six figures, and even seven figures through this entrepreneurship journey. 

Let me really explain who I was at that point. I was still living at home with my single mother. I had six of my biological siblings living with me. My oldest brother wasn't still living there. But there are eight people in this three bedroom townhouse, and I was working a part-time job at a retirement community helping with dining and waiting tables. 

I was just helping out in a retirement community, and doing everything that I could to save up a little bit of money, hoping to move out at some point, but it felt impossible. I could barely cover my gas to get myself and my siblings to school and back, let alone save money to move out at some point. So, I felt broke as a joke, and I was feeling the financial stress of living with my family. 

I can see my mom going to school, working her job, working another job, doing everything that she can to provide for us. I was helping with grocery shopping, and taking the food stamps card to the grocery store, and helping to make sure that that's going to last us through the end of the month. I was worrying about bills, and if we were going to get last notices. 

There are a lot of people around. There is hardly anywhere to escape or get away, and I'm a mountains environment. I'm a two line. I have gate 40. I really need my alone time. Then, I am envisioning. I am this fearful child. I am angry. I have resentment. I am frustrated. I am looking around at my life as a teenager that has already witnessed bankruptcy, foreclosure, and a business going under, and I am saying, "I refuse to exist like this forever. I can't do it. I cannot be this stressed my whole life around money."

I was really determined from a very young age, pretty much since the foreclosure and everything happened when I was 13, that I was not going to live like that for my entire life. The plan that I had set was I was going to med school. I was going to just put my nose down, force myself to get through it, get through everything that I needed to work really, really hard, and then eventually I would be a doctor. Once I was a doctor, then I would be able to make good money, and I'd be able to feel successful, and I'd be able to help people.

I had my eyes set on this med school route, and it feels extremely daunting. It feels huge. It feels draining. It feels exhausting even just thinking about it. Then, I'm invited to go sit in this room with people who are saying they've made six figures, and they've made multiple six figures, and they've made seven figures in just a couple of years through sharing these products and through sharing their story and through working on themselves. I really love that aspect of personal development that's so associated with network marketing. 

I signed up really closely after I turned 18, and I started learning about sales and marketing and inviting people to meetings. I was cringey. I was bringing this up any opportunity that I could. I did a lot of cold selling because that's what we were told to do through Facebook, through trying to build relationships with people, trying to find friends. I learned a lot of things in that process. The entire time, my motivation was very much rooted in needing to get away from this, and not living with money struggles forever.

From a human design perspective, that's actually aligned for me. I have a fear motivation in my human design. I see things, and I say, "I don't want that. I am going to run as far away from that as I possibly can," but it's not necessarily sustainable. From my experience, when you're focused on what’s awful, what sucks, I have to get away from this, I have to get away from this, I have to get away from this, there can also be this narrative of not feeling like you’re doing enough. I have found that it is much more pleasurable and sustainable to use desire and pleasure and interest as motivating factors instead of fear or guilt or shame or anger or resentment, because there's an energetic quality and difference between the two.

I remember thinking so many times, I have years of this story just being on repeat in my brain, that I should be doing more. Are you really okay with this, or maybe you are just settling? Maybe you aren't capable of doing more. Maybe you aren't capable of making it happen. Maybe I'm not someone special. Maybe I am just destined to live this life of financial struggle for the rest of my life. Maybe that's just in the cards for me. Maybe someone like me just can't make it in this world, I don't have that sense of direction. I don't have enough drive. I'm not motivated enough. I should be able to just make myself do these things. I should be able to just make this plan and stick to it.

What I found myself doing constantly was seeing this big goal and feeling overwhelmed by it. If that was in network marketing, I would look at the people who were a couple tiers ahead of me, and say, "Okay, I have to enroll eight more people like this, and I have to help three more people do this, and that means this, this, this, this, this," and I would make this timeline and this perfect plan for what I think this is going to look like; the reverse engineering that everyone says to do. If this is your big yearly goal, what do you need to do every single month? What do you need to do every single week? What do you need to do every single day to make sure that that happens?

I would make these plans, and then I would try and stick to them, and then a couple of weeks in, I would be frustrated that I wasn't seeing results. Even though I was sending the messages, and checking up, and following in, and setting the meetings, and talking about the products, and sharing the lifestyle, and doing the personal development. Even though I was doing all of the things that I thought I should be doing, that I was told to be doing, it still felt like I wasn't doing enough, and I assumed I mustn't be doing enough because I wasn't getting the results that I wanted. People weren't signing up. People weren't spending money with me. I was not making the money, and I blamed myself.

I was actually just overloading my nervous system. It was actually not that I had a lack of motivation, I had so much motivation that I was paralyzing myself. A lot of my entrepreneurial journey has been learning how to get myself out of a freeze state where I am so overloaded with information, so overloaded with ideas, so overloaded with sensations and motivation that I literally cannot take action. I do not lack motivation. Chances are if you're reading this, you don't lack motivation either. It's actually just a dysregulation of this motivation. 

So, let's talk about motivation. Motivation is not real. Motivation is one of those things that is very much an invisible destination or an invisible detour. An invisible detour is something that we think we have to get or have or feel before we're ready to take action. These are the conditions that we think we have to create in order for us to be successful. 

This is literally conditioning. We are saying: the only way that I will be able to do the thing is when the conditions look exactly like this. That's limiting. You're saying you have to limit yourself in a specific way in order to do the thing. If I'm saying that I have to find motivation before I'm going to be able to start my business, I could be searching for motivation forever. 

I'm really good at doing this thing, specifically with my husband, where if we are on a road trip or we're driving somewhere and he asks to stop for coffee or food, I have this really powerful skill to find restaurants or coffee shops or detours for us that no longer exist or that are randomly under construction, not open at this moment. I've led us to several of these invisible detours in my life in the physical world where we're looking up a coffee shop, and it should be somewhere in this parking lot, and we're just looking around in this parking lot. The GPS said it was here. This is the last known location of that coffee shop, but it doesn't exist. Even though the directions have brought me to where I thought I needed to go, I can't find the motivation or the thing that I'm looking for.

The same thing happens with these invisible destinations. Things like self-worth, confidence. I have to love myself more before I'm able to do this. I have to feel more motivated. Whatever it is, you're searching for something that's not real, that's not tangible. Very often, we'll go for what was the last known location? When was the last time you felt motivated? When was the last motivating factor? You might look at you was really motivated when you were doing this, so maybe you have to find that sensation again. Maybe if I start working out more, I'll feel more motivated. Or maybe if I do this again, I'll feel more motivated. 

You're basing your actions off what you did in the past, and you're basing your directions off what you did in the past, because your mind can't tell the difference between imagination and the present moment. It's just taking in information. It's just taking in sensations and filtering the information that it gets. It's just organizing information. The information you're feeding it is a memory of the past. It's going to sort that information just as similarly as if it's happening in the present moment. 

So, you can find yourself searching for motivation, searching for it constantly, and never feeling like you find it, and this will keep you stuck at square one. You will feel like you're spinning in circles. “Why am I still here? If I could just find this motivation, then I wouldn't be here again, but I'm still here, and I should be somewhere else.” You're, again, overloading your system with more motivation. Because should, “I should be doing more,” or “I should have already done this,” is rooted in guilt, and guilt is also a sensation that is designed to motivate us. 

What actually is motivation? It's not real. It's not tangible. It's not something that you can have or hold or touch or lick. When I think about invisible destinations, I'm very much looking at can I hold this in my hand? What would happen if I dropped it? Would it shatter? Would it bounce? Would it land with a thud? If I don't know the answer, then it's not real. I can't touch it. I can't hold it. I can't have motivation consistently. What I'm looking for is a sensation. 

Motivation is emotion. They are energy in motion. They are sensations that give us the desire to take action. It's just sensations of energy that make us want to do things. That's all it is. It's fuel to do things. Motivation is just the energy to get something done.

If all we're looking for is a sensation, I'm going to help you realize that sensations are created by you. You are the conductor of the emotional experience that you have in your inner world. This is where I actually want to play with human design a little bit. When we are motivated to get things done, when we're setting the goal of wanting to start this business. Where we will tend to get locked up or where we will tend to search for invisible destinations will be in our undefined centers. 

When I was first starting my businesses, my multiple businesses, I was trying to figure out how to become financially successful? How do I make success? How do I make a living in this entrepreneurial world doing whatever I want instead of following a traditional path that someone else has set out before me? The answer that I kept coming up with was that I needed more inspiration. Somebody has to be doing something really obscure, really different, really unique that I can borrow inspiration from, and someone else who's doing something very different, but also extremely unique, and different, and life changing.

I was looking to blend things that no one had blended before, and with my undefined head center, this led me to just consume content on repeat. Then I would try to figure out how to use this. How do I use everything that I have consumed today? Where is the answer? Where is the answer? Where is the answer?

I was searching for the answer, searching for inspiration. It was constantly, what am I supposed to be talking about? What am I supposed to be saying? What's trending right now? What are people interested in? What do people want from me? I feel like I have so much to give, but what do they want from me? I was in my undefined head center just searching for an answer, searching for an answer, searching for an answer. 

The invisible destination is once I have the answers, once I have this inspiration, then I will have that sensation of having the answer and being motivated to take action. Now I'm safe to take action. Those were the conditions. But with my undefined head center, that's not something I'm supposed to find. The answer that I come up with today, the inspiration that feels like, "Ooh, yes, this is it. I'm on it. I have the idea. I've got the plan. I've got the vision. Let's go," is not going to resonate the same way tomorrow or next week or next month, because it's in my non-self theme, and that's an area where I am designed to be flexible instead of being fixed. 

In your human design chart, you have these nine centers, these nine shapes, and they're either going to be colored in or white. If it's colored in, it's going to be called defined, and if it is white, it's going to be called undefined. I like to describe these differently than most of the traditional human design content that you're going to find, because defined and undefined very clearly creates this belief or this perspective that if it's defined you have it, and if it's undefined, you're missing it. It creates the sensation of lack, and I believe that we all have access to everything in the human design body graph. We all have access to, and can contribute to, and can play any of the 64 human archetypes of behavior. All of them. You can behave in any way you want. All of these storylines, all of these archetypes are available to you.

However, where you are defined, you will carry energy with you wherever you go, and where you are undefined, you will be flexible based on the situation that is present. What do I mean by this? Using my chart, I have an emotional authority. I have my emotional center defined, which means I am carrying my emotions with me everywhere I go. I could be at a child's birthday party for my niece or nephew, and if I'm in a bad mood, if I'm feeling moody and in my emotions, it doesn't matter what's going on outside of me, I'm still going to be first and foremost processing my internal emotional experience, because I carry it with me. I am fixed. I have a fixed wave. I am internally, having this process, having this emotional conversation, feeling through certain things all the time. I carry that with me. 

I have to learn how to cope with, and how to manage and maintain a healthy emotional state, so that I can honor the feelings that I'm having, but so that they don't get so loud and overwhelming that they interfere with my ability to be present in the moment. Because if I'm at my niece's birthday party, I want to be present for that. I want to be jumping on the trampoline with the kids. I want to be a fun aunt. I want to be playing. I want to have fun. I don't want to be moody in the corner thinking about, "Oh no, that sales post that I made didn't go well, and I'm angry at the internet and the algorithm. It's not working in my favor." I don't want to be having that negative emotional experience in that situation. My job as someone who's defined emotionally is to move through my feelings, so that I can get over it and get back to the present moment, experience what I need to feel, experience what I'm experiencing in the moment. 

The undefined centers, I have an undefined G center. My identity center is undefined, which means if I am searching for a sense of identity, a sense of who am I? Who is Eden Carpenter? What does she do? Who is she to other people? How do people see her? How do people perceive her? If I'm trying too hard to identify who I am to other people, I will get lost because I'll be able to identify it. I can constantly be changing that identity, or I can just be present in the moment and see who I get to be right now. What character do I get to play based on the situation that I'm presently in? I can be anybody, but each situation is going to provide me with a different opportunity for someone that I could be. If I'm caught up with trying to define who it is that I am, I'm never going to fall in love with who I get to be if I'm just present, if I'm just surrendered to the process, if I'm just experiencing the present moment. I don't need to define myself in order to enjoy this present moment and present experience. 

When we're talking about motivation, if you were saying, I want to get this entrepreneurship journey started, I'm ready to get started, I'm ready to start moving, this is where you actually get to start playing with your human design. You get to start playing with your human design chart, with your strategy, with your authority, instead of getting caught into this non-self. 

What's going to happen is you are ready to take action. If you're a manifestor, maybe this is your urge coming to the surface, and it's time to initiate. It's time to inform. If you're a projector, maybe this is you're starting to feel that recognition for yourself, and you are now open, and you're ready for invitations. You're ready to manifest this reality, this business through people, through your connections. If you're a generator or a manifesting generator, maybe this is something that you are just ready to respond to. You're ready to build. You're ready to pour energy into this. You have the capacity for it. If you're a reflector, this is just the pattern that you're predicting. This is the surprise that you're experiencing, and you didn't quite expect to be here, but you're finding yourself here, and it's delightful. 

If that's your experience, if that's where you are right now, then the next step is following your design. You want to look at your human design to see if you have any of these invisible detours. 

Here are all of the undefined centers:

If you have an undefined head center, it's this energy of “I have to find the answer, or I have to find inspiration, before I can start the business.” You're searching for having to know all the things. You have to have a plan. You have to be less confused. You're looking for a big breakthrough. Or, you're looking for proof of your ideas, and maybe you're doubtful and looking for reasons why this would not work for you. 

If you have an undefined ajna center, you're looking for certainty. You want to be 100% certain of this thing before you take action. You're not designed to take action from 100% certainty. Instead of looking for "I have to be certain that this is the right thing," ask yourself the question, what is the evidence that shows me and that can contribute to my feeling of certainty that this is the correct action? Whatever your authority is saying, how certain are you? Maybe it's 65%. Maybe it's 70%. Maybe it's 80% certain. Can you take action with only 70% certainty, and still trust yourself? Can you take action without needing to be 100% certain? How can you feel more certain in the present action that you're about to take? It's about being flexible with your certainty and with your perspective instead of searching for certainty and needing to feel that thing before you can take action. 

With the throat center, it's about attention. How can I get attention? How can I make sure that people see me? How can I make sure that people see me before I start selling this product? 

The identity center is about figuring out who you are to other people. How do I nail my niche? How do I know what I'm really good at, what my zone of genius is, what people love me for, before I start my business? I have to know who I am and who I want to be and the direction and the big picture vision before I can start my business. You don't have to have it. Who are you right now? What vision could you possibly be fulfilling with the actions that you are taking right now?

The ego center deals with self-worth. If I could just feel worthy, then I would be able to take this action. You don't have to feel worthy. What's the value in the action that you're about to take? What's the value that you've already contributed to the world? If you can see the lack of value, you can also zoom in on and expand on what the potential value is. You're designed to be flexible when it comes to value. In this moment, can you see, can you hold onto, can you hold the vision of this is really potentially a lot of value? Because literally anything that drops into your world, you can see it as completely useless or absolutely priceless. So, look for the evidence that shows you that this is actually priceless for you and for the people around you. 

With the emotional center, you don't have to feel a certain way before you're able to take action. If you're searching for a feeling, you're searching for a sensation, or looking for a big emotional experience, you are in your non-self theme. Most decisions are best made from emotional neutrality. 

The sacral center, if you're looking to keep up or you're just wanting to be lit up, not everything is going to feel like that. Whatever career path you choose, sometimes you're going to feel really excited about it. Sometimes you may not feel excited about it. That's okay. You have the capacity to find that satisfaction in any moment.

The splenic center, are you searching for a sense of safety? Are you searching for a sense of having to feel safe to make sure that you will survive before taking this action? If you are avoiding taking risks, that splenic center may be showing up. Or it may say, I can't let go of this, it's not safe to let go of this. That's really what we see with the undefined splenic center is like, "Ooh, I like this, and I don't know if it's safe to let go of it. It's good, and I know that great exists," but it's almost this fear of if I let go of this, will something great come along, or will I have just lost something that was good? You won't lose anything that's good. If your body is saying let go of this, then it's not valuable to you right now, and something better will come along.

The undefined root center says you have to do this really quickly to get away from the pressure. If I want to rest, if I want to relax, if I want to unwind in any way, I have to work really, really, really fast and earn that right to rest.

All of these centers can create motivation from an unaligned place. If any of your undefined centers are driving the show, what's happening is you're creating motivation that's not actually supporting you in feeling your best as you take action. You want to be sourcing your motivation from a state of pleasure.

We're going to keep this simple and play with just your aura type. You may have this big lofty goal. You may have this big vision that you want to fulfill, and maybe getting started feels overwhelming. You're wanting to start with the right thing. You're wanting to make sure that whatever you do first is really powerful and gets you started on the right foot. 

I'm actually going to have you go the opposite direction. Whatever it is that you're starting, I want you to start out with five of the absolute worst of that. If you're starting a podcast, make five really awful ones. Five terrible podcast episodes. That's your goal. You're starting a new content style on Instagram? Make five really bad Instagram posts. Just really bad, as fast as you can, just get them done. Because if you are starting a business, if you're stepping into an entrepreneurial journey, you have to realize that whatever your first offer is, it's going to be one of many. Whatever your first post is, it's just one of hundreds, one of thousands, that you are going to make over the next couple of years. 

Movement creates momentum. When you take small actions daily or small actions every couple of days, every once in a while, they build up into something really powerful and really impactful. That's going to be much more sustainable than searching for and going to this invisible destination, searching for something that's not actually real, not actually there. 

Instead of searching for your sense of worthiness, searching for the perfect plan, finding answers, or finding inspiration, I want you to come back into yourself, into your design, into your body, and we're going to attach pleasure to what is actually possible to accomplish today, and what would feel really, really good to have done. We are thinking about when you go to bed, how can you go to bed tonight feeling that you did something to get you closer to your destination? 

If you're a generator or a manifesting generator, the goal is satisfaction. It feels good to do something that is difficult. Now, sometimes it doesn't feel good to do something that you have to do. There's certain things that don't necessarily feel good to do, but feel good to have done. Like a workout. It may not feel good to get started working out. It can feel daunting and overwhelming at first, but after you get going, after you get in that momentum, after you've built some progress, what happens is you start to get that runner's high or that workout high. You start to feel really good, and then after a workout, you feel good as well. I don't think I ever have had a workout that I regretted doing. So, that tells me that working out is universally much more satisfying than not working out. Almost 100% of the times that I have worked out, I have felt satisfied afterwards. 

There are things that may not feel good to get started, but will feel really good to have done. If you're trying to get yourself motivated, you don't want to be trying to motivate yourself from negative emotions. Think about carbs. We have simple carbs in a chocolate bar that are super simple, super easy, super delicious, but that spike your blood sugar, give you a lot of energy really quickly, but then you crash afterwards. Versus a bowl of oatmeal. Sustainable carbs, lots of fiber. It's not going to spike your blood sugar. It's going to lead to sustainable energy throughout the day. 

That's what we're looking at with different motivations. If you say, "Ooh, I have to do that thing. I have to get up and do the dishes. I should get up and do the dishes. I should have done them already. Why can't I just get up and do the dishes? Why can't I just make myself do this? I should be able to just get up and do the dishes. All I have to do is stand up, walk over to the kitchen, turn on the sink, open the dishwasher, unload the dishwasher, start washing the dishes, put them in the dishwasher, start the dishwasher." If you're going through that, you're mentally doing the task. Your brain can't tell the difference between actually doing something and imagining it. So, don't waste your mental energy. 

We're going to attach pleasure and desire to the sensation of having accomplished the thing. You may not want to do the dishes, but would it feel good to have the dishes done? Let's say the dishes take 10 minutes to get done. In 10 minutes, will it be more satisfying to have done the dishes or to not have done the dishes? That's the motivation that we're playing with. 

So, use your aura type. If you are a generator or manifesting generator, do the things that other people aren't willing to do that feel satisfying to have done. Doesn't have to feel good when you're getting started. We're looking for will I feel good about having done this, having accomplished this? 

For projectors, recognition and success: will I feel successful? Will I feel seen? Will I feel recognized? Will I feel like I have accomplished something if I do this? Will it feel successful? 

Reflectors, will you feel surprised? Will it be a delightful surprise that you got that done so quickly, and it just happened and you did it, and you didn't even have to fight yourself or go back and forth? You just accomplished it. How surprised will you be with yourself? How delighted will you be with yourself?

Manifestors, how peaceful is it going to feel to have already accomplished that? How peaceful is it going to be to maintain that environment? Just like things around the house, just tasks that you have to do, you're maintaining your peace by maintaining your environment. 

The goal is not to have a reality where you have to fight yourself for every single task. I don't want to have to talk myself into doing the dishes every day. If you're going to be in business, if you're going to be an entrepreneur, you don't want to have to talk yourself into showing up for work or making sales posts or actually creating content. You don't want to have to talk yourself into that every single day. The goal is that it's automated. The goal is that it's easy. The goal is that you have underlying motivation for it consistently. We want it to be no big deal. 

If this is no big deal, then it is one of hundreds that you have done. You're going to be someone who makes podcast episodes, cool. Just keep going, and your goal is not to get one done. It's not to fight yourself through every single next one. It's to see this as one of your first hundred podcasts. 

So, you're invisible destinations, if you're trying to get there before you do the thing, you are on a detour. You're distracting yourself, and you will spiral, and you will spin in circles at square one. Searching for inspiration, searching for self-worth, searching for motivation, searching for it constantly. You'll never actually take action towards the thing that you want to take action on. 

If you decide, screw this, I don't actually have to have motivation. I don't have to have a plan. I'm just going to recklessly go for it and try and get my first hundred out of the way, that's going to create momentum. What can you do today that is possible to do, and that would feel really good to have done that contributes to your first hundred whatever it is? That is going to be much more motivating and much more possible to do, and that's actually going to create momentum, rather than how can I figure out this answer and try and give myself certainty around one thing while I do everything?

Stop planning, and just do one thing. What's possible to accomplish today? What would feel good to have done? That's it. It's that simple. Ask yourself those two questions every single day, and watch what happens. Watch the momentum grow. Watch the speed. Watch it turn from baby steps into quantum leaps, because that's what's going to happen. There's so many of us that have intuition or inner authorities that work on a momentary basis. It works on what is exciting right now. This is the next aligned step for me right now. Very few people will have a 10 year vision, a five year vision, that big plan, that big picture that they have reverse engineered and they're able to show up consistently and make it work that way. That's a decision that's made from the mind. That's a strategy that's made from the mind. 

I believe that we can set intentions, but when you are over-planning, we are not trusting our momentary clarity. We're not trusting our intuition in the moment. We're not trusting that we will be able to just experience something and know what to do in that moment. I don't make plans. I don't have to-do lists. I literally just show up and think, "Oh, It would be good to have a podcast episode recorded today. That would feel good to have accomplished, and that's something that's possible to do today. I'm going to get a podcast episode recorded." 

There are certain deadlines that I've set for myself, yes, here and there, but for the most part, I just trust that as an entrepreneur, things like coaching sessions, things like sales content, things like writing emails, writing landing pages, that's all just a part of the job as an entrepreneur in the online space. It doesn't have to be a big deal, and I don't want to have to convince myself into doing it.

My launch process looks a lot like I typically write a sales page, and I have a thank you email, and I have a thank you page, and I set up the course portal, and I record the content ahead of time. There are certain things that I like doing for every single launch, yes, but that didn't start from creating the perfect launch plan, and then following it every single perfect step of the way from now until infinity. It started with what feels good to accomplish today, and what is possible for me to do right now? What could I possibly do today that would feel really, really good to have done? From there, I have been able to motivate myself positively, instead of, what should I be doing? What could I be doing more? What else could I do? Why am I not doing enough? 

I get to feel good about the actions that I'm taking, and along the way, I'm building self-confidence. I am building a sense of self-worth. I am falling in love with myself. I am feeling good. I am learning about who I am and expressing myself authentically in the process. All that gets to happen because I'm not trying to plan everything and trying to over strategize it and make it happen. 

If you're worried about finding motivation, let go of the big picture plan. Stop trying to over strategize everything. Stop trying to make it too complicated. Get out of your head. Get into your body. What is something that is going to feel good to have done today that is possible to accomplish today? It has to stretch you. It has to be interesting enough to be a challenge, and it has to be big enough to where it feels bigger than just something you do every day. There has to be a little bit of significance in order to make it interesting. 

But as soon as it's interesting, as soon as it's a challenge, you'll start to stretch yourself, and you'll start to take action. This creates a sense of success. Success breeds confidence. Like I made my first five really bad Instagram posts. Haven't posted any of 'em yet, but I made them, and now I've got momentum. Now I'm finding my voice. Now I'm getting going. That is the goal. That's where you want to be, and that's so much better trying to shame yourself into taking action with you should and could be doing more. 

Make motivation no big deal. Know that this is one of millions that you're going to do, so it's really not that big of a deal. You can make progress today. You can build momentum today, and the more success you have, even the small bite size success, like making your first five Instagram posts, no matter how bad they are, it's going to feel so much better than spending another day coming up with another Instagram plan or going through someone else's branding course.

You already know. You've been exposed to a lot of the information. You probably have the answers that you need right now. What is possible to do, and what would feel really good to have done today? That's your goal, and that's how you're going to find pleasurable and desirable motivation.


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