What is Human Design and How to Get Started Using It

What is human design 

Human Design is an esoteric system that uses the same calculation as astrology to provide you with a chart of how the planetary influences affect your behavior. This system combines astrology with several other frameworks of understanding to give a multi-dimensional look at how you show up in the world, what behavior patterns feel comfortable, and what behavior patterns will feel unfamiliar to you. Learning about your human design will help you in your journey of self-improvement. This information gives you the opportunity to reflect on the way things are currently going in your life, and gives you action steps to work with your patterns instead of against them. Working with your patterns, and living according to your human design, can feel like a permission slip to just be yourself and show up as you are. 

Human Design combines five major systems, and because it is so multi-dimensional, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to try and learn all of the information that is available. A key piece of information that you may want to carry with you as you explore your human design is this: There will always be more to learn, but all the information that you need to know right now is within your grasp. You always have access to whatever it is that you need in order to overcome whatever obstacles you are facing. 



One of the key principles in human design is conditioning. Conditioning is the process of learning how the world works (from childhood to the present), and holding onto the belief that you have to show up a certain way to be enough, correct, loved, or successful. The truth is that we are all uniquely designed and operate in a unique way. Not everyone is capable of the same behavior patterns. We are all wired differently. When you work with your human design, you will go through the deconditioning process. The deconditioning process is the process of unlearning all the behavior patterns you learned that go against your core programming and giving yourself permission to operate the way you most naturally operate.

It is impossible to become the highest version of yourself if you refuse to accept who you are.

In order to embody your human design you have to accept the way you naturally operate, and chances are, it goes against the way you think you should be operating. THAT is conditioning, and that is where the work is in human design. Deciding at every step of the way that you are willing to face the consequences of being your true and authentic self. The secret to sustainable success is working with your natural energy patterns instead of against them. Every behavior pattern can be leveraged, and you deserve a life that allows you to do, be, and feel your absolute best.

Getting started

The first thing you need to know about getting started with human design is your birth time. The human design charts are generated similar to an astrological chart. Statistically, if you are off by a few minutes, not much will change. However, it is possible that within those few minutes something major could have changed, so an accurate birth time is best. Ask your mother. Check your birth certificate. Call the hospital where you were born. Run charts throughout the range in which you know (if you know it was sometime around 3pm, I would suggest 2pm, 3pm, and 4pm to see if there are any major changes. If you know the day and not the time, broaden the range and start with 1am, 12pm, and 11pm).

You can generate your chart for free here 

After you get your chart, your goal is to learn what everything is. Start with your type. What is your type, what does that mean about you, and does it resonate? Then, learn your strategy and authority. These are your key action steps that will be the cornerstone of your entire experiment with human design. Then, I would suggest going into the centers that are defined and undefined, and then your profile.


Happy studying!


Want help getting started? The Alignment Challenge is a 5 day free email series with education and action steps to help you learn and embody the very foundation of your human design.


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