Your Ideal Tribe ft. Your Culture Sphere in the Gene Keys

You are designed to attract people, support, and clients into your life when you are in alignment with your personal values. Everyone has a specific group size that works best for them. With the Human Design language, we use the word ‘tribe’ to represent the tribal circuitry in the bodygraph and the interconnectedness between people when it comes to building our communities, networks, groups to work with, etc. Based on this line in your unconscious Jupiter (also known as your Culture Sphere in the Gene Keys) you can figure out what kind of programs you desire to host with the correct number of people that fit with your energy.


The Culture Sphere Lines:

1 - Individual Level
2 - Partnership Level
3 - Party Level
4 - Network Level
5 - Society Level
6 - Systems Level 


Line 1: Individual Level

You are designed to work on your own. Not that you don't need support, but you are self-motivated and will likely thrive in the entrepreneurship world, more specifically, as a solo-preneur. It takes a lot of courage to stand on your own and to go after what you desire in life.

Line 2: Partnership Level

You are designed to work in a partnership. In business, if you feel like you are struggling to birth new projects into existence, explore your options for bringing in a partner. Having a partner creates a pool of resources, and accountability to get things done, and can share the workload. A power couple where the relationship is strong and the individual's talents both complement each other is where you thrive

Line 3: Party Level

You are designed to work in a small group of people. Think of your ideal group as a birthday party. You will likely invite the people who you are closest with and you will end up with a small crowd that fits in your personal space. This can translate into business. You will do well running masterminds, hosting small group coaching programs and having a limit for how many people will be accepted into your programs.

Line 4: Network Level

You are designed to work in a group that feels more like a network or organization. You create the foundation of a hierarchical system where there are levels, layers, departments, and sub-groups. If you are in business on your own you will likely scale to a level where you are running a company.

Line 5: Society Level

You have the potential to get things done. You make big moves, quantum leaps and have a ripple effect when you claim your power. You are designed to hold and operate in large groups of people. You can hold group courses with 100's of people in them at a time and can help create the systems and teams to successfully hold and host large crowds.

Line 6: Systems Level

You are designed to be on the cutting edge of the collective. You won't just resonate with one system of thinking and you will likely want to blend systems like science and spirituality together because you see the underlying themes between the two. When you speak you almost preach a new paradigm. You are designed to speak to the masses and have a team that supports getting your message out to the world.


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