How to Embody Wealth Through Human Design

Working with your Human Design breaks down into two kinds of change: behavioral change and identity change. Read about the difference here. Changing one without the other can lead to results, but they likely won’t feel sustainable or consistent. Both are required for integration and long lasting results. Today we are focusing on identity work, specifically around money. The identity work can be applied to any area of your chart, but in this post we are looking at one area in particular. The G center.

The G center, or identity center, is the yellow diamond in the center of the bodygraph. This center deals with your sense of self, your sense of direction, your attunement and alignment. This is where the magnetic monopole is housed, which is the driver of the experience you are having. The universe does not work on time, it works on alignment. This is where you pull to you what you are aligned with, or the experiences you need in order to get back into alignment. Essentially, your magnetism and manifestations are based on who you are and how aligned you are with your identity.

In this center there are eight gates. I call these gates the Abundance Keys because they offer specific things to focus on when shifting your identity that can easily be applied to your relationship to wealth and abundance. Of course, these deal with your general alignment and sense of direction so they can be applied to any relationship. Whether these gates are defined or undefined you will have deconditioning to do in these areas. The work will feel and look a little different based on if the center is defined, undefined or open, as well as if the gates are defined consciously, unconsciously, are full channels or hanging gates… but for today we are going to go through the general themes that will give you more than enough information about stepping deeper into alignment with abundance. 


How much do you love yourself?

Starting out with gate 10, we have the gate of Love of Self. In this gate, your abundance is directly related to how much you love yourself. The shadow of this gate shows up as comparison and a sense of either superiority or inferiority. When you compare yourself to others and use income as a metric to determine lovability or status, you are in the shadow of this gate. You are not inferior to others just because they make more money for you. Your income means nothing about who you are as a person. Stop comparing yourself to others. The high frequencies are Naturalness and Being. This means being your authentic self without labeling yourself as better, worse, worthy, or unworthy. Especially in relation to money. The high expression actually has no labels. The goal isn’t to embody your highest self by identifying what qualities this version of you has and then taking action to become that person. It is a decision to be that person. To live constantly in the energy of your highest self in the present moment. Who do you want to be, and how do you want to show up for money?

How powerful do you feel?

Gate 7 is the gate of Self in Interaction. This gate deals with leadership and your ability to have influence over other people. The shadow of this gate shows up hidden or dictatorial. You are either too controlling and demonizing in the situation because deep down you have a fear that if you don’t clarify it, you won’t get it. Or, you feel that there is no point, you aren’t the kind of person who can make more money so you should hide your power. I see this shadow come up often when people are trying to manifest abundance. You feel like you either need to dictate what goes on and actively manifest it into existence, or you feel like you aren’t powerful enough so you give up before getting started. The high expressions are guidance and virtue, and these shine through when you hold yourself to high standards and let yourself be both led and a leader. How much influence and power can you give yourself over your income?

How authentic are you being?

Gate 1 is the gate of Self Expression. This gate deals with creativity and self expression. It is on individual circuitry, reaching towards the throat center, and is a fully masculine hexagram. This means it is motivated by individual desire, and is about getting your energy out into the world, leaving your signature on the world. The shadows can either be depressive (there is no point) or frenetic (no matter how much effort I put in I doubt it will be enough). This is where you start to look at YOUR manifesting. You are no longer looking at if it is possible for others, is it aligned for YOU to be creating this? The higher expression is freshness and beauty. These frequencies become present when you realize you are creating a life for you, and whatever you desire to create and express right now is what is aligned for you. What are you creating right now, and is it an authentic expression of you? Calling in a $10k month just for the sake of it is pointless. Why do you want $10k? What are you going to do with it? How does that lead to you living a beautiful life?

Have you forgiven yourself?

Gate 13 is the gate of the Listener. This gate deals with forgiveness, listening, and empathy. Your relationship to your past self and past investments plays a role in your sense of identity and your money story. If you still regret and hold guilt for the investments or mistakes you have made in the past (or the fact that you are still only making x amount), you are blocking abundance. You have to let go of the past in order to make space for what is coming next. Being ashamed of wasting thousands of dollars on a coach who didn’t meet your expectations doesn’t align with being an abundant person who is good with money. The best way to work with this gate is to forgive yourself and thank yourself for your previous money investments. Can you be grateful for your past self for going through that and teaching you that lesson? Can you be as proud and grateful for your past self as you desire your future self to be of you now? 

How is your spiritual growth?

Gate 25 is the gate of Love of Spirit. This gate deals with universal love, feeling centered, and connecting to a higher power. The shadow of this gate shows up as either being ignorant of what you know for sure, or cold and cut off from any sort of divine intervention. This gate is the balance between spirituality and business. The high expression is acceptance and universal love. The key to working with this gate is showing appreciation, acceptance, and love for all of the money you are experiencing. Not just loving the big months, but finding a sense of love and acceptance for all that currently is. This starts with accepting what is right in front of you and finding something to love about it. Let go of your resentment towards money and how easy it is for others to manifest it in comparison to you. You are divinely financially supported. There is something worth loving about your current financial situation, no matter what it is. What can you accept and appreciate about your current financial experience? Do you love and appreciate the money and abundance you currently have?

Can you feel the abundance?

Gate 46 is the gate of Love of Body. This gate deals with coordination, discovery, clairsentience, and the physical sensations that may come along with money. The shadow of this gate is seriousness. When you are taking things too seriously, it shows up as looking for the physical actions that will create abundance - or feeling like you have to be constantly connected with the feeling of money in order to call it in. Money manifesting is not serious. The higher frequency is delight and ecstasy. If you were wealthy and constantly had more money than you knew what to do with, would you feel like money is a serious topic? Or is it a delightful experience to know and feel the overflow? Seriousness can show up when you put the pressure on yourself to “keep doing the things that will make money” and when you connect your actions and feelings to the results. Decide that you get to feel delighted with your income and any time you don’t feel that, laugh it off and remind yourself that this isn’t that serious of an issue. It makes you feel ecstatic.

How receptive do you feel?

Gate 2 is the gate of Receptivity. This is the divine feminine energy within the identity center and I ching. The shadow shows up as either being regimented and in your masculine energy, or way too in your feminine to the point of feeling lost and like you have no sense of direction. This gate has the ability to hold the vision, not take action, and just receive. There is no action associated with this. Just the sensation of receptivity. The high expressions are orientation and unity. Working in harmony with money, the universe, and the divine masculine, and knowing that being open and ready to receive is more than enough on your part. Working with this gate challenges your sense of receptivity. How much do you believe you could receive today, without doing anything at all? Is it possible to receive $10k today? Absolutely. Because anything is possible. Does it feel likely to happen to you today? If not, that is where your work is. Being open to receiving is about challenging your vision for what you could just simply receive.

What is the ripple effect?

Gate 15 is the gate of Extremes. This gate deals with the collective ripple effect of your actions and financial success. The shadow shows up as either being and feeling dull, or pushing yourself to the extremes for no reason. This shows up as either feeling like your financial success HAS to benefit everyone around you or else you can’t have it, or feeling like somehow your success will take away from others. The higher expression is magnetism and fluorescence. Working with this gate requires you to look at the positive ripple effect that your financial success has. Your magnetism will increase when you give yourself permission to be an outlier in the collective. Look at how bright you are allowed to shine in comparison to the people in your circles. How magnetic do you feel right now? How magnetic are you allowed to be? How big of a ripple effect are you comfortable creating in this world? 


Working with these gates and money

How much money do you desire to make? 

Go through each of the gates in comparison to that number to identify conditioning, and choose a new narrative. Example:


I desire consistent multiple-six figure months.


Gate 10: I know people who make this amount of money, and I know I can be one of those people. I intentionally am not comparing myself to anyone who makes this amount of money because I know it doesn’t matter. Every time I get lost in the moment and am just BEING I remind myself that I am someone who makes multiple-six figure months. 

Gate 7: I know I am powerful enough to create this. I have everything necessary inside of me, and deciding that it gets to happen just because it gets to happen is enough. I don’t have to demand anything or set a deadline. I know the universe supports me and my desires. I know this will happen in a way that is aligned for everyone involved.

Gate 1: I know exactly what I am going to do with that money and how it supports my current lifestyle. I’m not looking at it as $200k+ months through the lens of someone else's life. I have calculated my expenses, my lifestyle, and my desires into this amount of money, and know that this money supports me living the life I desire to live right now.

Gate 13: I know that previously I would have considered this money more than anyone needs to make in a month. I will look at any guilt or resentment I have towards the past, including any times I have set this goal before and it hasn’t happened. I am grateful for everything I have done to get myself to this point.

Gate 25: I am grateful for and aware of what my current financial situation is. I know the distance between what I have coming in this month and the $200k mark. I know that I am embodying the highest expression of myself, and if I am feeling called to hold this financial frequency at this time, then this is where I am supposed to be.

Gate 46: Making this money is not a serious thing. I don’t have to change my actions or try to embody something specific. Me, how I feel right now, is the embodiment of multiple-six figure months. *I do enjoy embodiment walks for this gate. I go on a walk and pretend I just hit the goal. Because pretending is delightful!

Gate 2: I challenge my belief system and receptivity throughout the month. If I am at $50k on the 10th then I feel into receiving $150k in 20 days. If I am at $100k on the 25th I feel into the possibility of receiving $100k in five days. The goal is to stretch your belief in how easy and quickly money could come to you.

Gate 15: I know that if I am making multiple-six figures each month, the world becomes a better place. I get to spend it where I want, consciously circulate money, and do good with what I earn. I also know that it is safe for me to make that amount of money no matter what circle I am in. It doesn’t matter what the average is or what other people are comfortable with. My income doesn't need to fit into their standards of reality - only mine.


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