Undefined G Center

The undefined G center can sometimes make you feel like you are all over the place. You have an ever changing concept of who you are and where you are going. You are not limited to playing a single role in this lifetime, and you will notice that you shift and adapt based on the people you are around and the environment that you are in. If you are in business you have probably noticed that your “I help ___” statement changed every other week. This is because you could be just about anyone. So one day you feel like you could be a self love expert, the next day it feels more aligned to be a relationship coach, then a week later you shift into self image and body confidence. The thing is, you could play all of these roles! You could be that person, but do you want to?

Sometimes you may find yourself clinging onto roles or labels for a sense of security and consistency in who you are. Your astrology signs, human design, Myers-Briggs personality type, enneagram…. These labels help you to feel seen for who you are. Now, I am not saying this is a bad thing! I personally use my HD to introduce myself and share who I am because “tell us about yourself” makes my brain stop functioning. It is easy to start to identify with what you do. Remember that even if your sense of self is inconsistent, it does not mean that you cannot be loved for being you. It can be easy to allow what you do for others to be what you allow others to love.

Just because this center is undefined does not mean you are not magnetic. That is a false statement, and I want you to get that out of your head right now! You are very magnetic, and even though it is undefined, your G center still holds the magnetic monopole that pulls to you what you desire. However, there are going to be some factors that we will play with to increase your magnetism. You are geomagnetic. Being geomagnetic means that the environment that you are in is extremely important to your magnetism and alignment. If you go on a first date and it doesn’t quite feel right, it is possible that it was just the wrong environment. Likewise, it could also be the right environment and the wrong person. You will feel clearer and more magnetic when your home space feels really good to you. Maybe that is clean surfaces, cozy blankets, natural light, and incense burning. Be very intentional about creating an environment that really makes you feel good and comfortable to be in.


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